The 2016 Honda CBR300R is one of the best lightweight superbikes in the world. It lets you enjoy most of the performance benefits of a larger model while still remaining easy to handle. Honda’s lightweight range began in 2011, with the CBR250R and they have produced 2 crucial updates to that model – more power and torque along with more similarities to the older models. Let’s delve into some of the main aspects of the bike in detail:


The built of the CBR300R is meant to echo those of the larger models and give it a much more defined CBR  identity. Designed after the CBR1000RR, you can see the aggressive styling for the fuel tank, seat unit and fairing all mimic its inspiration.

The seat has been re-shaped and narrowed down to improve ground reach while the mirror’s arms have been made short for a sleeker look. The backbone of the CBR300R’s chassis is composed of a steel diamond twin-spar frame that provides a balanced ride for corners and a stable one for fast driving.

The wheels are cast aluminum with 17 x 2.75 in rims in the front and 17 x 4 in rims in the rear. To provide adequate grip and agility, these rims are wrapped in 10/70-17 and 140/70-17 tires. The bike is leading in its class for curb weight and currently stands at 357 pounds.


With a single cylinder engine offers 286cc capacity the CBR300R’s DOHC 4-valve engine has a 30.5 horsepower and and a peak torque of 19.9 pound feet. All the changes to the build of the bike, make for a smoother ride. The single-cylinder engine also means that the bike is more fuel efficient and cover up to 230 miles per gallon. This engine also means lower maintenance and servicing costs.

The CBR300R has good stopping power thanks to its 296mm front and 220mm rear hydraulic disc brakes. The bike can handle typical freeway speeds but can’t compete with it’s higher models when it comes to revving it up. It is a great bike for whizzing through highway traffic and squeezing through slow traffic jams.

The suspension on the bike is meant for city roads and works wonders on them. However, on more bumpy roads, you can feel each bump so taking it easy is the best choice. The bike is lightweight and ha s one of the best weight-to-power ratios and can easily compete with twin cylinder bikes of the same class. The CBR300R ABS is a slightly higher priced model that offers anti-lock braking system.


The CBR300R is available in a variety of colors including orange, matte black, black/yellow and red. It is a good bike for everyday use. Most people may assume that the bike is beginners or smaller riders who can’t handle the higher models. However, the bike can be great for both – it can provide the comfort for beginners and also has the power and capabilities to make an experienced rider happy.


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