Bike Sales Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re trying to sell bikes for cash you know if can be a pain, writing the perfect advert, keeping it clean, creating an accurate valuation and so on. Even when you think you’ve got it down to a T there are a few little things that will let you down whether it’s a dodgy paint spray, a poorly written advert or generally not being in the right place at the right time. So keep reading for our essential do’s and don’ts for selling your motorbike!   

Just to help you out a bit more we’ve included a few of our favourite bikes ads (whether you should take leaf out of their book, that’s another question…) as well! 

Put the spray can down and walk away…

Don’t: Everyone has different taste and individuality which is fair enough and you might want to make your bike more “you” again that’s understandable. The thing is the minute you decide to pick up the spray can you cut a whole lot of money off the value, you might think that “murdered out” style or the flaming skull with a top hat looks cool (which it might) but all you’ve done is brought down the value…

Do: If you really cannot resist the urge to go at the bike with a can of paint at least remove stickers, bugs dirt, tank emblems and give it a really good clean beforehand. It’s not quite as good as taking care of the original paint but better than an inconsistent bumpy look.


Make your advert stand out!

Don’t: You definitely want your advert to stand out for the rest of the standard “good condition average millage” types. You can big your motorbike up to high heaven but don’t exaggerate, if you’re advert says “a small dent in the body work” it should mean small dent not “smashed into a wall and written off”. If it says”7000 miles” it should mean “7000 miles” not “17000 miles” and so on. If you’re trying to sell bikes online there’s no way a buyer will just take your word for it, they will want to look over the bike before buying it so to save everyone’s time, effort and disappointment be honest and post pictures of the full bike.

Do:  Big up that bike! When I say big up I don’t mean straight out lie but make sure you include all the details that make your bike look better. Add on’s? Does it have low mileage?  Has it been professionally cleaned and waxed? Kept in the living room covered in a microfiber fleece and sung to everyday? List it!

Maybe take a different approach to this guy though:


If you’re not realistic you’re going to be disappointed!

Don’t: It doesn’t matter how well you look after your bike the minute you buy it and ride it of the show room the money starts pouring out of the exhaust. You need to be realistic when you price you bike for sale, if you price it too high no one is going to approach you to buy it and if you’re too low you’re just ripping yourself off. So remember just because you bought it brand new for £10,000 you won’t get that where ever you sell your ride a year of riding and alterations brings the price way down.    

Do: Pricing your bike doesn’t need to be a massive pain and there’s a few ways you can do it. If you really have no clue about what your bikes worth go to a pro, get a valuation online or go to a local dealership they know a lot more than you do and will give you an accurate price.  Another way is doing it yourself; this is a bit trickier if you don’t have heaps of knowledge about the market. A good place to start is EBay if you want to sell bikes online, see what your bike is going for on there if your bikes in better condition add a bit on if it’s in worse take it off! A great thing about going to a professional they will normally buy the bike off you then and there as well, saving a bunch of waiting and haggling. When you’re selling bikes cash or bank transfer might be offered you get the choice of both worlds!




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