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One of the hardest things in life is putting a value on a motorbike without fully knowing the market. One thing you can guarantee, humans are funny and we hoard products we love and save things that we think will increase in value. It’s very rare that your motorbike will increase in value unless you do 1 of the following:

1, Get it signed by someone famous, like TT riders.

2, Gold plate the bike!

3, Own a classic which is rare.

Like any vehicle in the world you will only lose money if you add aftermarket products, for instance when I was 18 I did the classic young man’s thing to a car, I added a bespoke body kit, upgraded the engine, changed to a sports exhaust and tinted the windows, a year later I came runner up in car magazine competition, I thought the changes to the car, recognition in magazines and extras would make the originally valued £8000 car a gold mine, it turn out after all that hard work my car had decreased £2000 in valuation. Yes you heard that right I spent £8000 on a car, then spent £4000 on extras and it was only worth £6000. 

You may ask what does this have to do with motorbikes but working in this industry for 15 years, I eat sleep and breath motorbikes and understand/guarantee every single motorbike owner will edit, change or add to their prize possession. 

This does not mean because you have added an aftermarket exhaust or a quick shifter etc. that the bike will be worth more when you come to sell it, I genuinely advise you to remove all after market products and go back to the original. You will still be quoted the same cost as a modified bike, plus you can then sell those sort of after parts on the likes of eBay.

There are one or two exceptions to the rules, for instance if you want to sell a tourer it defiantly will be worth more if it has panniers, these are not classed as an aftermarket products and we can sell the bike easier with them, the other exception to the rule is servicing and MOT’s, most motorbike owners become mini mechanics as so much of a bike is exposed you cannot help yourself when it comes to tinkering with the workings which leads to home servicing. We will pay more for a bike if it has a recognised garage doing the servicing. A full MOT record will always help too. A bikes history is important and the more we know about it the better we can value your motorbike accurately.

We did think about creating a tool so you could get an online quote but we don’t want to turn into one of those automated companies who send out ridiculous quotes promising the world, we have a team of experts who regularly review the whole motorbike market and update prices weekly to make sure the price we give is fair. This is not as exciting as it sounds and lot of cups of tea/coffee are drunk on these late night brainstorms. Here is an insider tip; we run the market valuations on a Friday night so get your valuation from us over the weekend or Monday to get the higher cost.


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