The R Nine T Urban G/S X by BMW is the re-imagination of the original model R80 G/S and the company’s stylish take on its recently expanded and popular R Nine T series. The motorcycle looks spectacular due to BMW’s attention to small details such as the red coloured seat, a hint of blue on the tank, tall headlight and high frontal mudguard.  Is there more to the new R Nine T than just its aesthetics? Let’s take a look.


At first glance, the Urban G/S X doesn’t look like it will be good at taking corners. However, the motorcycle handles well while turning, giving you a stable and planted feeling. Even though it isn’t fast in steering, the front wheels are quite stable. The swept back wide handlebar gives the motorcycle a balanced feeling.

The Urban G/S X has the same suspension as the Scrambler in the R Nine T family. The 43mm non-adjustable forks and adjustable rear shock are found in the Urban G/S X. Even though the shocks don’t have that luxurious feeling, it can absorb all the bumps and lumps on the road, while keeping the motorcycle comfortable and composed. The seat is at a height of 850mm and it is a little hard, making it comfortable for short distances.

The four-piston Brembo’s provide excellent stopping power to the Urban G/S X. At low speeds, the brakes will stop the bike almost instantaneously when you touch the lever. At higher speeds, the brake lever offers more power and feels when it comes closer to the handlebar.

Just like the standard version, the G/S X has everything fitted on it. However, it has the X in its name; it comes with LED indicators, heated grips, wire-spoke wheels, and chrome exhaust. The clock on the motorcycle is basic, so it doesn’t have gear position indicator, fuel gauge or anything fancy. The clock will tell you how fast you are going while the digital display shows odometer, temperature, and trip meters. As the frontal headlight is tall, it also acts like a fly screen, providing limited protection against the wind.

The sub frame and headlight unit can be removed easily, making it effortless to customise the bike according to your requirements.  


As this motorcycle is part of the R Nine T series, the same 1770cc air and oil cooled, eight-valve boxer twin engine powers it. As a result of this, the Urban G/S produces 116nm torque and 111 HP. There isn’t any reason for BMW to make any changes to the engine as its performance is spectacular. The engine has enough power to get your adrenaline going when you open the throttle. The engine works best at midrange but it is a good all-rounder.


Overall, the R Nine T Urban G/S X has more to it than just its aesthetics. The motorcycle can be comfortably used inside the city while having enough power remaining to get you going when you are on an open road. The base price for the model is £10,550, which is good for what you get.

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