The BMW brand is well known for making among the best performance engines in the world. The M series cars are more than well respected and loved by all those who know what’s what about motors. When it comes to bikes though, they are not as well known. Purists will know the difference between every BMW put on the road, but they are, sadly not as famous as their Japanese or even Italian competitors. That is when the S1000RR HP4 hit the market.

The HP4 was, during its short production run between 2012 and 2014, the fastest bike in the world, the best handling bike and one of the most technologically advanced. Its suspension systems, traction control, and launch control options made it incredibly easy to ride around circuits and gave even novice riders a way to experience the fast lane as it were.

The HP4 was a class apart, a super bike that was much more. It was somehow, better than everything else in the market. BMW then released the updated S1000RR from 2015 onward, and it was an actual upgrade, they took something that was nearly perfect, and actually made it better!

Ride and build quality

At this point, you may be wondering what the ride is like, what the quality of the bike is like, what the engine is like, and for all these, there is only one answer- it’s a BMW! The bike is put together with care and using only the best in the market. There really is nothing more to say about how well put together it is. It is seriously difficult to find fault with this machine. If you take care of it, it should last you forever, that’s how confident you will feel at the end of every ride.

Engine and suspension

Like the HP4 that came before it, this bike also comes with an active DDC suspension. It is, however an option in this one. The electronically active suspension will adjust itself according to the terrain you are on. If you are in the city, or on bumpy roads, or smooth circuits, it acts accordingly and keeps your riding on point. The traction control is lifted straight from the HP4 and the launch control that does not let your bike pop a wheelie is now customizable to the way you want it. The Brembo brakes are also meaty and do their work well, assisted by ABS. The equipment is fancy as can be expected from the marque, it even has heated hand grips that will keep your hands from going stiff in winter. 

The Engine is a 1 litre, 998 cc, in line 4 16v powerhouse, putting out just shy of 200 bhp, it provides 83 ft-lb of torque that is delivered in a linear, smooth fashion. You are unlikely to ever be in need of torque and not have it. The top speed of the S1000RR is at ‘it-nearly-doesn’t-matter’ 186 mph! That is supercar territory!


There really isn’t much to say, if you can afford it, buy it. It is the fastest, best handling, most ravenous looking, and mind numbingly awesome BMW on the market right now. Your move M division.    


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