How Safe Is Your Motorbike? Common Bike Theft Techniques Revealed

If you are a motorbike owner, the last thing you want is for your beloved bike to be stolen and fall into the wrong hands. The best way to prevent this from happening to you is to make it as difficult as possible for any would-be-thieves, and with that in mind we thought we’d run […]

The Toughest & Easiest Motorcycle Test Centres In The UK

When we had a few hours spare from sending out motorbike valuations, we recently analysed the pass rates released by the DVSA for all of the UK’s test centres, so that we could tell you where you’re best off taking your motorcycle tests and where you may be less likely to pass. Here are the […]

A Quick List Of Pre-Ride Checks Every Motorcyclist Needs To Understand

So we’ve planned our to go for a ride, and we’ve organised where we’re going to stop; we’re ready to meet up with the group. However, before we mount up, we should always take a couple of minutes to stop and take a moment to prepare. The building excitement of those last few minutes as […]

A First Timer’s Guide To Buying A Second-Hand Motorbike

Passing your CBT test, or even better still passing the direct access course, which will allow you to choose whatever bike you like, means that you’re now in the market for buying your first motorbike. If you’re not in a position to buy a brand new machine, then you’ll be looking for something second hand. […]