Every biker knows that investing in the right clothing and gear is essential if you’re to enjoy your time on the road – but what if you’re struggling to afford it?

The cost of branded motorcycle can be astronomical, tempting new riders to forgo this vital protection in favour of everyday clothing items such as jeans and coats. Unfortunately, these items do not offer the protection which bikers need. Car drivers have the whole chassis of their vehicle to protect them against a collision or accident whereas bikers only have the clothing they wear on their backs.

For this reason, you need to make sure that you invest in high quality gear, and – thanks to ALDI – this doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

You Don’t Have To Spend A Fortune To Ride Safe!

For those interested in buying biker gear on a budget, ALDI has been offering some cracking deals lately. They’ve been selling a range of motorcycle clothing and equipment – all for cut-down prices that won’t break the bank.

Available in ALDI stores since March 09, the gear has already won plenty of biker fans and will only be available while stocks last. Reviews of the clothing have been largely positive too with items such as Kevlar Jeans receiving praise for their stylish design and high quality protection.

ALDI’s range of motorcycle clothing is designed to cover a range of scenarios and climates too – making them ideal purchases for hardcore motorcyclists who intend to be out in all weathers and their arch-nemesis – the fair-weather biker.

An overview of some of the biker products available from ALDI include:

? Textile jacket (with built-in armour, removable thermal liner and lightweight design)

? Textile trousers (with knee armour, removable thermal liner and snug-fit design)

? Kevlar jeans (with abrasion resistant coating and extra protection at the knees and hips)

? Leather gloves (with leather design and snug fit)

? Base layers (for extra warmth and comfort during colder weather)

? Multi-functional neck warmer (for extra warmth and comfort)

? Touring boots (with strong materials and a secure fit)

? Motorcycle helmet (with strong shell and adjustable next strap for a secure fit)

? Underwear (compression underwear for added protection and socks for warmth and comfort)

Covering everything from high quality jackets to strong boots that help you keep a firm grip on the footrest, ALDI are ensuring that every biker can afford to take the necessary precautions when out on the road.

So, next time you’re thinking about forgoing full leathers or biker gear simply because of price, head down to shops like ALDI and pick yourself up a bargain. Failure to do so could cost you more than a few pounds…

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