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How to keep your Bike’s Value Up

It’s pretty simple to keep your bike’s value up over time and taking a couple of easy precautions can avoid a nasty surprise when you go to get a free bike valuation. There is no way to keep the same value on your bike as when you bought it new as the minute it’s used, the pounds start dropping of but you can defiantly keep the price up to a certain point.

Keep it Clean

A clean bike is not only more attractive to buyers than a dirty one but is also prevents problems getting hidden and then only getting worse over time. If your body work is covered in muck you simply can’t see any scratches, small dents etc.. So, by keeping it clean you sort out small body work issues as they crop up and stop them before they cause real problems! Having a nice clean bike also prevents corrosion on metal bike parts and stains on the soft cloth parts. Overall a cleaner bike keeps the price up, the dirtier you let the bike get causes more possible issues for the buyer so they’re willing to pay a lower price.

Service History

Where ever you go to get a free bike valuation they will want a service history to get you the best price. You need to keep records of how well you look after your bike basically, record your oil changes, and other general maintenance whenever it happens to prove to the valuer you’ve taken good care of you bike. A professional service every 6 months is a must do and keep a stamped log book to hand for when you want to sell. This should up the value of your bike considerably even if it does cost you more while you own the bike its totally worth it. Another thing that the service history will do for the motorbike is note things such as brake and tyre wear which can be big selling points on a second hand bike.         

Avoid Modifying your Bike

When someone buys your bike they want the model advertised, they don’t want a modified version, it might look cooler and add power for you but it will only stunt the value of your ride! Keep away from re-sprays and aftermarket parts and try to look after the original parts of your bike instead, but if you really can’t help but make some changes keep the factory parts safe and well looked after to switch back to once you go sell the bike.  

Pre-ride Checks!

To keep your bike in the very best condition for resale there are a few things you can check before you take it on the road, it might sound like a pain in the back side at first but in the long run when you get free bike valuations if will highly effect the value they give you. Try to create a sort of pre-ride ritual that incorporates all of the necessary checks in, turn it into routine so you never forget.  Check your suspension is working to the full, make sure nothing is leaking or disconnected, all the lights are working properly and that your tyres and brakes are up to scratch. Once you have all of this down you’re ready to go on your way. Like I said it sounds like pain now but it’s a great way to stop a small leak from becoming a huge mechanical issue that will make the value of your bike drop dramatically!

Common sense would say if you want to keep the value of your bike up simply look after it, it doesn’t matter how many free bike valuations you apply for a poorly looked after bike isn’t worth peanuts! 

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