Getting the Best Price for Your Motorbike

So we’ve already given you our best tips and tricks to selling your motorbike successfully but how do make sure you get the best price for your bike? Nobody likes to be ripped off especially if you’ve looked after you bike for a number of years and done your best to keep the price up, so if you have bikes to sell we want to help you get the best price for your ride!

First things first there are a number of steps you can take to keep the price of your bike up, little checks and bits of maintenance that don’t take long but make the different in the long run.  The condition of your bike in the appearance and mechanics makes a huge impact on the top price you can get for it because the newer the bike more money it will be worth if you can keep your bike looking showroom fresh prices will increase.  Consistently look after your body work, any buyer of a bike wants it to look perfect so the worse state the body work is in the less they will pay for it so keep on top of scuffs and scratches by using a professional to re-spray any issues in the pain work. Also get cracked parts replaced as soon as possible, basically don’t let your body work get scruffy past the point of repair!

Every time you get on your bike you should do a quick check of a couple things, check your tyres for wear, check there are no disconnected pipes, check lights, chain tension and suspension.  If you can keep on top of these issues as they crop up it’s definitely going to prevent some major issues in the future and they are really easy and quick to do. It seems obvious but keep your bike clean, obviously no one wants to buy a filthy bike but as well as this a built up of dust, dirt, grim and mud can have negative effects on the running of your bike and hid body work issues, to avoid this give your bike a regular clean.

So now your bike is showroom quality and you’re certain it’s in the best shape possible ready to sell, now to find a buyer. There are a couple of ways you can find a buyer for your bike you can list it online or paper and wait for the buyer to come to you or you can use websites where they will buy your bike straight away. To get a great price you need to make sure the buyer knows there stuff, a professional bike buyer knows all about bikes and the prices so they will give you a realistic and fair price and will probably be more open to offers than selling it privately.   This is why bike buying businesses are a great but when it comes selling your bike for a good price whether its bikes wanted for cash or bank transfer you get a fair price for you bike!

When you go to a private buyer you might not get the best price, this person will have less funds and might not know the true with of your ride like a pro will but it all depends on the person in the end.

Overall I would say the best advice I can give for getting a good price for your bike it to keep it in good condition (inside and out), check your bike daily for any small problems, make sure you know the buyer is reputable and they don’t want to rip you off. Make sure you know your motorbike well also research prices and the condition so you can be more confident you’re selling it for the right price.  In the end simple maintenance and a bit of research really goes a long way to getting the price you want on your ride!      

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