When you are addicted to burning rubber, the motorcycle enabling you to do so should be perfect in every way. No matter the road, the duration, or the weather, your hog should always be at the ready. In this case, the perfect motorcycle is the Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider – FXDL. Take a look at what makes it the ultimate motorcycle for enthusiasts.


The most consistent feature among all of Harley-Davidson’s lineups is the fact they infuse a number of modern elements onto vintage classics, giving them a unique look. The Dyna Low Rider is also a product of such design.

The wheels are characteristically asymmetrical, with the front being 19-inches and the rear 17-inches. The ergonomic saddle is placed so perfectly that you can keep your hands on the handlebars and feet on the ground comfortably. You can even adjust the seat up to 3.8 cm for additional comfort. The handlebars have a give of about 6cm. So, irrespective of the size of your arms, the ride is as smooth as ever.

The Harley’s Fat Bob tank is fitted with a wrinkle black console which consists of the speedo and tach. It subtly contrasts the Vivid Black of the tank, making it look urbane and refined. The chrome finish on the 2-into-1 exhaust completes its intense styling.


The signature rumble of Harley-Davidson engines is evident once you turn the key. Fitted with a Twin Cam 103 engine and a six-speed Cruise Drive transmission, the Low Rider produces 126Nm torque at 3500 rpm. It consists of an electronic, sequential-port fuel injection system, low resistance air filters, and lightweight pistons. You get a mileage of about 45-46kmpl, making it quite fuel efficient. The components holding the engine work together effortlessly to ensure a smooth, yet powerful ride.


Anti-Lock brakes are installed on the hog to give you more stability over rough terrains and unruly roads. The system provides you a rigid control, making sure it doesn’t go awry. The motorcycle also features a built-in security system which allows you to operate it from a fair distance.


There are 4 color options when it comes to buying the Low Rider. The first is the basic Vivid Black, available at £12,545. If you want to add a splash of color, it’ll be £300 extra at £12,845. You have a two-tone option which includes Billet Silver or Deep Jade Pearl coupled with the Vivid Black. This will cost you about £13,195. If none of these options suit, you can choose a custom color for £13,545. You can also add customized trims to make it suit your needs better.

The Low Rider weighs about 311kgs, which is pretty heavy. It offers enough control and speed to keep you riding on and on but can wear down your muscles at the end of the day. The Dyna Low Rider is a pricey roadster, but it is a price you can pay if you truly love a long, hard ride. With such remarkable features compacted into a stylish body, the folks at Harley-Davidson sure know how to make a motorcycle stand out.

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