The Harley Davidson Street 750 for the model year 2016 has retained all the finest features one can expect from a motorcycle, it has also fixed a crucial feature that was a part of its predecessor and has improvised on many. Harley Davison is a motorcycle brand that has been always associated with steady evolution of its motorbikes, and this model is just one example.

While the 2016 model’s fundamental setup is still the same, it has mainly focused on taking care of the minor complaints that its previous model had. The most prominent change one would immediately observe is the new braking system.


The model is powered with many functional enhancements to improve the riding experiences of a nimble urban bike like this. One of the most striking features of the Harley Davidson Street 750 is the ease with which you can ride it even on twisted and curvy roads since the bike’s chassis is capable of giving the same superb response to handle the canyons like its predecessor. In other words, it is a nimble bike with is ability of all types of rid quality and fast handling. The bike is great fun to ride and that is a pleasant surprise. One of the representatives from Harley commented on it, saying that this is a bike that has been specifically designed for the global ride. He also added that it is meant for a new rider as well. It’s suspension is designed for riding even on rough pavements.


If you have any experience of Harley Davidson Street 750’s previous model, you will be aware that its braking system was not one of its USPs that they could proud of. This Harley bike for the 2016 model is now equipped with an all-new braking system originating from Brembo. Both its ends have now been given a slightly bigger 300mm disc. The end result is really appreciable since when you give even the smallest pressure on its brake lever, there is a noticeable reduction in the bike’s speed. 

The Harley Davidson Street 750’s rear and front brake systems are now equipped with bigger calipers and rotors, new clutch levers and brake and a significant improvement in the position of rear brake pedal. All these improved features act together to offer greater control and higher level of confidence.


The engine of Harley’s Street 750 for 2016 is something that one just cannot overlook. It boasts of a fine torque engine with a chassis that is light enough to offer you with a soothing ride and you actually see a bike that has overcome its past niggles.  You need to just push its starter so that the liquid cool, V twin, 749 cc “Revolution X” engine can be brought to life. The engine’s hardware is quite similar to its previous model. That means you can still enjoy that well-spread and juicy torque reaching at the highest value of 60 Nm and that to in only 4,000 RPM.


The Street 750 for 2016 model year from Harley’ is a great bike to opt for that can be personalized according to the style preferences and requirements of the owner.

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