Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati is one of the best designers of two-wheelers in business. With bikes like the Monster, Diavel, and several superbikes under its belt, the Italian brand has created a global reputation of producing world-class machines, and the Ducati Scramber is yet another one.

Say hello to the Scrambler Sixty2

If you have been awestruck by the Ducati Scrambler, prepare to be just as impressed by the Sixty2. The petite motorcycle was unveiled at the 2015 Milan Motorcycle Show or EICMA.

With the Scrambler Sixty2, Ducati seems to have channeled its focus on making this retro model more accessible to a much wider audience, including women riders. The motorcycle’s name “Sixty2” comes as a reference to the year 1962, which was when Ducati released its first Scrambler 250.

Performance features of the Scrambler Sixty2

First things first, you have to appreciate the Ducati Scramber Sixty2’s air-cooled 90-degree V2 engine. Sure, it is much smaller than the Scrambler Classic’s 808 cc powerhouse, but do not let the size fool you.

The 399 cc capacity engine produces 41 horsepower at 8,750 rpm. You can also expect 25.3 pound-feet of torque at 7,750 rpm. The Sixty2 stands at a meager 404 pounds (183 kilograms), making it one of the lightest motorcycles on the market. For a small motorcycle, the performance is exemplary.

The six-speed transmission is supremely smooth and offers great response. This allows the Sixty2 to zip through traffic with effortless ease while giving you excellent handling.

Exterior features

One of the most distinct features of the new Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 is the brand new Showa 41 mm front forks that come coupled with a Kayaba single shock. The rear shock’s preload happens to be the only adjustable feature in the bike’s suspension.

The body of the Sixty2 can be described as “petite.” It is much smaller in size than other motorcycles, especially its sibling, the Scrambler Classic.

Thanks to its tiny physique, the Sixty2 has the advantage of zipping through traffic without much hassle. The handling abilities of this motorcycle are unparalleled. With excellent transmission and its lightweight body, the Sixty2 has become a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts.

The other aspect that sets the Sixty2 apart is the super light 10-spoke alloy wheels. The bike’s braking is controlled by a 320-mm single disc along with a two-piston floating Brembo caliper. The entire system is supported by a dual-channel Bosch MP ABS system that comes as a standard feature.

The new-age retro model of the Scrambler Classic proved to be a winner for Ducati, pushing the company’s sales toward a record-breaking financial season. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer is now targeting a younger audience with the brand new Scrambler Sixty2.

The zippy, lightweight model has indeed already proven a hit among a large number of people around the world. Female motorcyclists have also expressed increased interest in the Sixty2 compared to other motorcycles in the same class.

Ducati has released the Sixty2 with a cheaper price tag with the hopes that more people would be interested in the lightweight model. The Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 has indeed proven to be a superior contender in its series, offering both performance and affordability.

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