The Honda NC750X Commuter is an easy bike to ride with a twin cylinder engine. The X is a bike geared for commuting with a splash of adventure. It is a practical bike well loved by both novices and experienced alike for its economical use. It is quite good looking for the price.


The NC in Honda NC750X Commuter stands for ‘New Concept’. The range was first launched in 2012. The bikes were constructed around the identical car inspired twin cylinder power train. The idea was to make for an economical, easy to ride and an unthreatening machine. The bike is planned to be appealing to those who drive cars. This is why there is the option of ‘DCT’ automatic gearbox. X adventure styling has proved to be the highest selling bike. In 2014, Honda gave the bike a 50cc boost. Restyling of the bike was then done in 2016.


Riding is natural and easy. The seat height of the X model, despite its adventure styling, has been kept by Honda in a low position. The handlebar and the peg is rider friendly as well. The seat is roomy for all physiques. The pillion seat is bigger than the average. The grab handles are large and mounted on the side. When compared with its S brethren, the X has a small screen


The Honda NC750X Commuter is extremely versatile for its money. One of its many excellent features is the storage compartment. It is like a scooter, shaped like fake ‘tank’. The volume of 21 litres is adequately big to hold a full face helmet. The bike is light and sufficiently slim to be an excellent commuter, but also has adequate styling, weather protection, and comfort. These features make it a superb long riding machine. Since the bike is extremely economical to run, things could not be much better.


The Honda NC750X Commuter is designed to an economical, non intimidating and an adequate bike. It is not designed to be a dynamic motorcycle. Regular technology updates have increased engine power to a delicious 54bhp. This power does its job satisfyingly well. The delivery of the engine is linear, progressive, and responsive. The brakes are of old design, with only one disc and twin piston calliper at front. They are ABS and adequate for the job.


The parts of the Honda NC750X Commuter are fully budget-friendly. The X has longer travel suspension which matches perfectly to its adventure styling. The centre of gravity of the bike is a low one, with cylinder block nearly horizontal. It is also narrow and light, which helps in the handling. The ride is plush and has adequate control. When pushed hard, it is a little less precise and controlled. However, when the nature of the bike is considered, the machine does its job perfectly.

The Honda NC750X Commuter is quite affordable to run. Honda motors claim that the bike offers 82 miles per gallon. This figure holds true if it is ridden mildly. The cost of consumables like drive chain and tyres are economical too.

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