When it comes to motorcycles, Honda has always been recognized as one of the premier manufacturers. The ultimate motorcycle for city commuting Honda NC750X is the latest model which received a facelift. With a fresh design (new front fork damping, LED lighting, increased storage, and instrumentation) and improvements in engine technology, the 2016 NC750X is getting better with every improvement.

The Honday NC750X debuted in the U.K. market back in 2012 and has been listed as one of the top 10 motorcycles ever since. Its popularity in the European market is because of its revolutionary design, comfort riding, powerful yet fuel-efficient dual cylinder engine and the styling which spells adventure.

The Honda NC750X is available in five attractive colours, Candy Arcadian Red, Matt Pearl Glare White, Matt Gunpowder Metallic, Sword Silver Metallic, and Glint Wave Blue Metallic.

Specification – What’s new

The concept of dual clutch transmission is retained in the latest model but has received a software update to deliver a smoother feathered clutch feel when the throttle is turned on/off. The new update features the “Adaptive Clutch Technology” which is designed such that the clutch torque transmitted can be manually managed. The response time of the N-D switch is enhanced. There is an additional option of tri-level riding in the S mode- AT for gear changing, MT mode to limit downshifts in the higher rpm limits.

Another significant new addition is the SDBC (Showa Dual Bending Valves) fitted onto the front forks. There is an additional spring mechanism that adjusts the preload on the rear shocks. The muffler, also new, cuts down on weight. As a result, the exhaust pulse is more pleasing. The clutch on the manual 6-speed bike is lighter.

The height of the bike offer a clear view and refines hazard perception. The adventure-styling of the bike ensures that riding at lower speeds delivers the same thrill as speeding. The riding position is maintained neutral and upright. This ensures a comfortable ride.


The engine in the Honda NC750X is liquid cooled, dual cylinder, and parallel SOHC 8-valve which ensures that riding in the mid or low range is as pleasurable at cruising at a higher rpm. High level of torque is achieved at lower rpm owing to the combination of longer stroke design and shaped-to-fit combustion chambers with a high inertial mass crankshaft.

In terms of numbers, at an rpm of 6250, the horsepower achieved is 54. The maximum torque at 4750rpm is 50 pound-feet. The volume of fuel injected into this EURO4 compliant engine is calibrated such that there is complete conversion to kinetic energy. This makes the engine produce lower levels of CO2 (81g/km) with fuel consumption of 28.6km/L. A distance of 400km can be covered without a break on one full tank. There is an in-built catalyser which ensures that the emission is cleaner, thanks to the double layered revolutionary design.

The engine weight is drastically cut down by limiting the moving parts to a bare minimum. Efficiency and reliability are increased as a result.

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