The year was 2015 when the Honda PCX150 underwent a major revamp. Today, one year down the line, the two- wheeler continues to be a major player in the scooter market due to a host of attractive features including a fuel tank with larger capacity, a sportier appearance and a bigger engine than before.

The bike was originally designed and developed in Thailand and was widely considered as a bike for commuters that offered great performance and a luxury feel. Subsequently, it was introduced in the European market where the riders have a strong fetish towards scooters since they are easy to use. Soon, it tasted success even in the European market and was being considered as a real global model. Its predecessor PCX125 got a drastic revamp in 2013 and PCX150 was introduced as a scooter from Honda with a truly global look and feel.


The Honda PCX150 comes with a new passenger seat that offers additional comfort o he passenger, as well as, the rider.  It comes with a real peppy 150 cc engine that makes your ride even more comfortable than ever before.

When you switch over from PCX125 to the Honda PCX150, the first major thing you will observe is the big power difference. That is because there was a jump in the horsepower from the previous 11.7 to 13.3. The Honda PCX150 is also powered by features like greater convenience, additional comfort and a fresh look. Some of its other trendsetting features include LED taillight, and headlights. The scooter weighs about 295 pounds, a seat height of 29.9-inch and a wheelbase measuring 51.8-inch.


The Honda PCX150 is known for its stable and more than adequate braking system. Its front has a single-disc brake. This is a novel feature since it is typically seen on bigger scooters. It is also equipped with the standard and original CBS braking system. This braking system offers balanced braking on both front and its rear when you apply the scooter’s rear brake.

PCX150’s CBS has been made more lightweight than before. The standard CBS makes the rider more confident because of its great stopping power so that there are fewer possibilities of making mistakes while applying brakes.


Honda PCX150 is equipped with an eSP or Enhanced Smart Power and low-friction new engine with a 4-sroke and liquid-cooled engine. Its engine offers more efficiency than its earlier models. Its new features include PGM-FI or “Programmed Fuel Injection” and liquid cooling system offering excellent performance in different types of traffic conditions. Moreover, you cannot overlook its great fuel efficiency.

The engine has been designed specifically for being reliable and durable with noiseless operation, enhanced performance and reduced fuel consumption. There is less friction when the engine operates and is lighter than before. And when the friction is reduced, your engine will enjoy greater longevity.


PCX 150 from Honda is a great scooter. It boasts of excellent build quality and improved reliability. In case, you want to own a practical and contemporary scooter, the Honda PCX is an excellent option for you.


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