How To Sell A Motorbike: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re currently looking to sell your motorbike, you’re probably wondering how to best go about doing so?

You’ve got a number of options, in short, from looking for a local private sale, listing on eBay or Gumtree or selling to ourselves.

Whatever route you go down to sell your bike, however, there’s a few things you need to take into consideration:

  1. Your Bike’s History & Specs

    One of the most important things to consider when selling a motorbike is to take the time to learn about your bike and it’s history; quite simply, if you do not know all the specifications and background on  the bike and the buyer does, they’ll find it far easier to knock you down in cost. There’s also their confidence as to whether you have cared for the bike as well as you could have done. A true rider will understand their bike inside out and be able to give a first-hand account of the ride and maintenance required.

  2.  The Right Documentation

    When it comes to selling your bike, you need to ensure that you’re prepared with the right documentation. Never attempt to sell a motorbike without the correct paper work.

    You will need the following items to hand when selling:

    – A V5 with your name and the motorbikes VIN
    – An MOT certificate
    – Service records
    – Receipts
    – If possible a HPI check document to show the motorbike is clear of finance and is not a write off.
    – Any spare keys

  3.  No Test Rides

    DO NOT ALLOW TEST RIDES unless you have taken full payment for the bike in hand!

    All too often, sellers will allow test rides and the bike never returns. It’s a known scam and it’s important that you’re aware of this. Make sure that buyers have a licence and understand how the bike works.

  4. Always Take A Deposit

    If a potential buyer is adamant that they want to buy your bike, then be sure to take a a deposit to hold it. Realistically, this should be a non-refundable deposit and give the option on the receipt to pay X for the rest of the bike. This must be paid by a certain time and date; this protects you both!

  5. Be Transparent

    Always be transparent throughout a sale; if you lie about the condition of the bike you will only waste time down the road, and, even worse you could be risking someone’s life. Be sure to mention everything right down to bumps or scratches and always provide pictures where available.

  6. Forget Mods

    Mods are simply a owners preference and 99% of the time do not add value to a motorbike, especially when selling to a dealership! Sometime they can even lower the value of the bike as the new owner will be relying on non-warranty parts and not always trust the life span the aftermarket product.

  7. Sell Extras Separately

    On that note, always sell extras separately; you can sometime make more money this way. Let’s say you value a bike at £4000; you remove mods such as exhaust, power commander, quick shifter etc. and sell them for close to £1000, you drop the bike to £3500 and get a quick sale, you have made a £500 profit on your original asking price!

  8. Know The Market

    Always be sure to know the market. Use other websites to work out a fair cost, and if possible undercut the value for a quick sale.

  9. Know Your Buyer

    Most buyers of motorbikes are looking to buy a bike for a specific reason, ask them why they are interested in that model and then sell that feature to them.

  10. Enjoy The Sale

    Enjoy the sale! Most of time selling your motorbike can be heart breaking but seeing a sad seller will not give the buyer confidence, enjoy the process and think of the money!

All the above points should help you sell the bike easily and quickly, if you want us to run you through the process and quote you for free fill in this form.



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