The Husqvarna Nuda 900 is built to be ridden by anyone regardless of whether he/she has any previous riding experience. The bike ensures that everyone enjoys just riding the motorcycle. It is the first bike to be manufactured by Husqvarna after BMW acquired the company in 2007. To put it bluntly, the Nuda 900 is the re-badged and restyled BMW F800 with parallel twin cylinder and a 100cc bigger motor. This model blends the standard Husqvarna Supermoto excitement with a more comfortable riding position. The bike is also a practical one. Optional touring extras such as a taller screen and panniers are available. The motor is a frugal one, but its practicality is hampered by the less than needed 13-litre fuel tanks. The 900 R version comes fitted with a sportier seat and Brembo Monobloc brakes. Better acceleration is achieved through a one-tooth smaller sprocket at the front. The Ohlins rear shock and Sachs forks come with the more pricier bike.

Ride quality

Unlike the standard Supermoto bikes which become un-rideable after a long time due to hard and uncomfortable sitting positions, the Husqvarna Nuda 900 bike is roomy and comfortable. It also has excellent wind protection. The basic suspension of the base model delivers excellent control at the corners. Riding is comfortable. The bike can tackle almost any road without much effort. Higher-end R models with superior specs offer the same comfortable riding experience with a slightly taller seat. The braking and the suspension are better suited to track work. Fitting sticky tyres will make this bike almost invincible on twisty roads.

The engine is a stormy one. It can be tamed one second and ‘unleashed’ the next second. The exhaust soundtrack is an exciting one. Even though the engine cannot ever be classed as spectacular, the quality of the ride makes it much better than its more pricier brethren.


The reworked engine of the BMW F800 comes with a larger stroke and bore. The machine pumps 898cc, producing a torque of 74 ft-lb and 105 bhp. The bike comes with bigger valves, new cylinder heads, forged pistons, head gasket with triple layer, and conrods. There is a new crankshaft, and a new offset. Husqvarna claims that this offers a much throatier engine note, fewer vibes, and a snappier response. The Nuda bike is fast, punchy, and smooth. The motor is adequate for such a bike. The downside is that the twin cylinder engine lacks excitement. It is also not involved as its equivalent V-twin.


The Husqvarna company has not produced exclusive road bikes since the 1930s. All models were either the Enduro, Supermoto or the Motocross. Although the machines were robust, not much attention was given to reliability and durability. BMW has settled those issues with strict quality control.


The Husqvarna Nuda 900 is a basic bike. Riders get a riding map of two stages. These are adjustable with the button on the dash. The BMW company has influenced bike construction with a number of optional extras available. Touring flavour comes with heated panniers and grips. Racier styling is present in the carbon fibre panels and exhausts.

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