KTM has been brewing a secret batch of mid-range powered bikes that is set and expected to revolutionize the market. KTM has been pedantically testing some of the medium range bikes in the 800cc segment, which is planned to shake up the traditional market. The company has decided to go low on weight and tweak up the engine of the bike to ensure a faster and more performance-oriented ride for bike enthusiasts. KTM has always been an enthusiast’s product and has stuck by its image ever since its inception. The bike manufacturer has also been a revolutionary brand and has always aimed at a niche segment of the audience.

The new mid-range KTM

The new mid-range KTM’s are being launched later this year and the final rounds of testing have been ongoing in the Spanish testing facility of the company. The bike will have a naked look and has also left behind a significant part of the fairings. The bike is a twin parallel engine that has been tested and has passed many stages of the inception. The launch is likely to happen in the Cologne or Milan motor shows later in the year.

The new KTM will be launched and based on a similar sister platform of one of the other bikes in the company’s manufacturing stable. The engine specifications of the vehicle were confirmed by the sales and marketing head of the company in an interview he gave with MCN. He also mentioned that the bike would be based on an adventure platform. Very little of the engine details were actually given and there was a certain amount of ambiguity that the company has still left its bike enthusiasts with. The company has been deliberately frugal with its information in order to keep the interest in the bike alive amongst the biking community.

Market and engine specs

The United Kingdom launch of the bike is also still vague. There is no absolute date and any credible information as to when and where the official launch of the vehicle would be. KTM is also known for its lightweight production of the 690cc bike along with its 1090cc bikes. The 800cc mid-range vehicle is what KTM expects to fill the gap with. The twin parallel engine has been witnessing a rise in popularity across the board with many bike manufacturing companies.

The move to go the twin parallel engine way has largely been attributed to the launch of the Honda CRF 1000L. With the soaring sales of Honda, there has been a huge chunk of credit that has been given to Honda for the concept; however, there still is strong debate amongst the biking community as to the better implementation of the twin parallel engine being carried out by KTM. The mid-range bike by KTM is supposed to be an economical bike that would be launched by KTM allowing many regular citizens to afford not only purchasing the bike, but also maintaining it as well.

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