Got a motorbike to sell? We can help!

Regardless of if it’s a sports bike, an adventure bike, a quad bike, a sports bike, a scooter, or any other variety of motorcycle, we’ll be happy to give you a fair offer. We also accept bikes from any brand, including Yamaha, Ducati, and Triumph, to name but a few.

Our valuation system is easy to use, and free!

Simply fill out our straightforward online valuation form, which includes simple details about your bike and yourself, and we’ll come to a decision within only 24 hours. We consider each and every offer we get, so you won’t be left waiting days for a response. Our ‘No Haggle’ policy also means you’ll only get the fairest price for your bike, with absolutely no underhand tactics or awkwardness.

If you decide to take us up on our offer, it’s up to you how you receive your money.

Of course, after your bike has been valuated, there’s no obligation whatsoever to accept our offer, as great as they are! If you change your mind, that’s fine and we  coompletely understand. If you do decide to accept our offer, after we collect your motorcycle (within 24 hours, again -we don’t mess around!), we can pay you in one of two ways; cash in hand, or by instant bank transfer.

We pride ourselves on our amazing customer service.

We’ve quickly become one of the UK’s leading motorcycle buying companies, thanks to our reputation as reliable and honest buyers. likes to go the extra mile, though. We’ll happily collect your motorcycle from anywhere in the UK within 24 hours.

We truly believe that ours is the easiest and only way to go about selling your motorbike. Why not give our free online valuation tool a go, and see how much money you could gain from your unwanted bike?

Alternatively, contact our experienced team today for more information on selling your motorcycle with us. 01625 353014

5 Star Reviews

“It couldn't have been easier to sell my bike. Quick and friendly service offering a very fair price for my bike and all completed and picked up within a couple of days.”

5 Star Reviews

“My bike was picked up within 24hrs, bank transfer whilst the driver was onsite. Checked my account before the driver left and the money was already in my account. ”
E Smart

5 Star Reviews

“My bike was picked up within 24 hrs and they gave me a better price than my local dealer. Nice and simple and no mither!”
Barry Musgrave

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