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I know this is a bold claim but we believe we are the UK’s biggest/most successful motorcycle buyer; we have been looking at a few stats across the motorcycle purchasing industry. We work closely with over 400 UK dealers so this data it very available to us. On top of this we have been asking for reviews from our current sellers to see where we can improve!

On average a UK motorcycle buyer will buy 5 motorbikes a day, a good day will see 10 purchased, because of the detailed and professional service we offer we average over 20 purchases a day.

We thought we would examine why this is happening so we asked a random section of our customers what they thought of us.

The overall conclusion is most customers chose us because we understand motorcycles, the team at we want your motorbike are predominantly bikers, we don’t make costs up and we always talk through a motorbike in detail to make sure a real cost is established.

Between the team we have including purchasers, drivers, mechanics and geeks we have over 100 years of biking experience. That simply is unheard of at similar companies to us. When a biker talks us about an engine rattle, or smoke coming out of the exhaust, we can normally diagnose the issue over the phone unlike other companies who are not willing to buy that bike, we will because we understand not every rattle or smoke issue is a problem.

This in turn has given the company trust! Trust goes a long way when selling a motorcycle as there are so many tyre kickers and rip off merchants out there.

Last week we not only purchased a motorbike that didn’t start but we diagnosed two issues for that owner on another bike. A company had previously turned down the offer to buy the motorbike due to it not starting but because we took the time and effort to fully check this out, we established that the bike just needed a new battery which the customer provided and we managed to charge the old battery enough on site to get the motorcycle started.

The two issues on the customers other bike were, the ride wasn’t smooth and the gear changes continually slipped, the driver who got the original bike started showed the gent that the wheel alignment was off which in turn had altered the tension of the chain, once corrected the bike rode smoothly with no gear slips.

We received this from that customer!

“Thanks to Ashley for agreeing on a sensible cost but a bigger thanks to (Jez) Jeremy who diagnosed my other bikes issues, I have been for a ride this afternoon to test the fixes and the bike has never run this smoothly since the day I purchased it from new. Along with the cash from the other bike sale I am one very happy customer!”

Mark Southern, South Chailey, Sussex

We are always trying to improve the service we offer so more bikers are a must! We are growing all the time so if you are a biker and want to join the team please get in touch!

Would you be interested in the motorcycle buying option we offer, if you want to talk to real bikers or people who understand motorbikes to receive a real cost for your motorbike then click here.


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