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Getting a Quick Honest Valuation for your Motorcycle  

When you have a motorcycle to sell you need to know what its worth before anything, getting a trusted and realistic motorcycle valuation is key to getting a quick sale and the price you want. Depending on your own motorcycle knowledge you might already have a price in mind but if you don’t have a wealth of motorcycle knowledge this can a get a bit tricky. When it comes to motorcycle valuations there are a couple of things you need to consider that will affect the price.

Going to a motorcycle business is always a great way to get a spot on valuation. These are the professionals and they really do know their stuff. A lot of the time you can get a valuation almost instantly, all it takes is a bit of honesty about the condition of the bike and you have yourself a realistic price to work off! If you choose to value it yourself make sure you take the following into account to avoid disappointment!

Let’s start with the condition of the bike! Depending how well maintained your motorcycle is the price move up and down drastically. Take a good look at your bike and consider all the possible damage inside and out the less damage the better the price you’ll get, so when you come up with a number you want for your bike make sure all faults with the bike are accounted for and you take money off the asking price accordingly. You’re going to get no interest at all if you don’t do this because no one in their right mind wants to buy a motorcycle for full new price if it has £1000 worth of maintenance to deal with.  

Think about the age of your motorcycle before you value it. This won’t be true for all motorcycles like retro, classic and generally well loved models which people will pay above and beyond the asking price for but overall the older the bike the less it will be worth now.  You might have bought your bike in 2005 for £7000 but consider how many newer models have been released since then, the new technology available and the running costs of an older bike.

Do all the research you can into your motorcycle before you list it for sale anywhere you never know if your bike has loyal fan base who will pay good money for your motorcycle or if it’s really worth less than you thought. You could have special edition or rare bike and you don’t even know, so one of the most important things you can do if you want to valuate your motorcycle accurately is to make sure you know you’re particular bike inside and out as well the brand model and year.    

So if you have a motorcycle to sell and do plan on doing your own motorcycle valuations following this advice just get you an accurate price. Making sure your price is realistic is so important when selling a motorcycle to get potential buyers interesting in the first place. All it takes is couple of simple steps to have a realistic price decided on that you are happy with!  

Alternatively we have a dedicated team of purchasers who can value your motorcycle today, most valuations can happen within a 10 minute phone call because of the knowledge and expertise of the trained staff members we have, why not try us out and get a quote now?


Motorcycle to sell
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