So there’s a new mid-sized scooter on the block that has just recently been launched. The new Honda NSS300 Forza is the fresh-faced kid of the scooter world with a mature design and gravitational pull that matches the stiffest of competition. This scooter packs a fair-sized punch with a 279cc liquid-cooled SOHC four-valve engine. It’s built for comfort and offers a little speed that is perfect for couples and single riders alike.  This bike is brilliant for those highway speeds or for weaving in and out of traffic with consummate ease (not that we would encourage getting to work any quicker or anything).

On top of its operational abilities it has amazing fuel economy, with 30.8km per litre… who can argue with that? Certainly not me, that’s for sure. Plus, it has a healthy top speed of 90mph, which means that you can literally enter any road in Britain with confidence. Alright, so it wouldn’t be advisable to attempt a tour of Germany and take on the autobahns. Then again this isn’t a touring bike, it is however, a highly functional bike.

How is it functional? Well, tucked into the beautiful exterior are ample storage options, most notably the under seat storage. This is large enough to house two helmets, or six bottles of wine. There is also great news for cold-blooded lizards like myself, you can plug your heated jacket in to the 12V power socket! Or for all the normal people out there, you can also power your sat nav using this socket. Either way, this bike covers every eventuality!

Whilst we recognise that the Honda NSS300 Forza is a consummate piece of engineering, let’s answer the ultimate question… ‘Is it a good buy?’ In our opinion this scooter is a brilliant buy, priced at £4,499.00. Whether you are moving up from a small motorcycle and want a larger scooter or are an ex-motorcyclist looking to hop aboard a new handsome steed (forgive the Shrek reference) then this bike is worth major consideration. There are three colour options to choose from; black, silver and white.

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