Going on a road trip is one of the highlights of owning a motorcycle. Heading out for a long journey which takes you through some of the country’s most beautiful towns and along some of the greatest driving roads is what riding a motorbike is all about.

A great road trip requires a good deal of planning. Not only do you need to choose your route carefully but you’ll need to ensure that you’ve got everything you need and that your bike’s in top condition.

Here, we consider a few things worth thinking about before you set off.

Think about Roads as well as Places

It’s easy when you’re planning a road trip to think only about the places which you’ll visit. However, when you’re travelling by motorbike, it’s as much about the journey itself as anything else.

For this reason, it’s essential that you look at the roads which link each place rather than just the destinations you plan to visit.

If you don’t plan your route carefully, you could well end up spending your holiday on a busy motorway rather than getting the most from your bike and the countryside on quieter lanes with plenty of twists and turns.

Choosing to travel along certain roads may extend your journey time but it’s likely to increase the quality of your trip a great deal while giving you the freedom which only a bike can provide.

Is your Bike well Tuned?

When you’re heading out on a long journey, there are few things more important than the condition of your bike. Not only for the sake of convenience but also for your safety, it’s important to check your bike is in good shape before heading out on the road.

If you don’t trust your bike, it could be worth investing in a new one. If you speak to our experts here at We Want Your Motorbike then you’ll see that you can easily sell your bike for a good price and in no time at all.

We offer fair and reasonable quotes on all bikes, regardless of whether they’re non-runners or not, and will even advise you on whether we think you could get a better price by taking your bike to auction.

Once you’ve sold your old hog you can use the money to shop for a new one – something which will allow you to ensure that the bike you travel on is perfect for the journey you’ve got planned.

Accommodation is Important

Even if you are travelling along some of the most beautiful roads in the country on your great new bike, it will be hard to enjoy it without a good night’s sleep. Finding great accommodation isn’t always easy to do on the road and it can often become a race against time as the sun begins to set.

To be sure that you get a good night’s sleep each night you’re on the road, it might be wise to do some research in advance. If you’re keen to maintain flexibility, you don’t necessarily need to book a room but should at least have noted down the details of a few suitable places to try in your chosen destination.

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