Priced as one of the most affordable bikes from all bikes BMW Motorrad, G310R is the most awaited bike in the South Asian Market. Released as arrival for the popular Kratos VS400 and Duke KTM, the G310R with 28nm torque and 33.6BHP, is set for release in April 2017. Perfect for city commute, the BMW G310R offers easy manoeuvring with the performance of a sports bike. The workmanship on the engine is peerless: a synonym for all bikes BMW’s craftsmanship. Designed along the lines of its good looking cousin, the S 1000R, it will surely have heads turning. The bike is available in three colours- Strato Blue Metallic, Pearl White Metallic and Cosmic Black.


The BMW G310R is packed with an upside down 41mm fork supporting the front in addition to an adjustable monoshock preload at the rear.  A standard feature of this bike is the twin channel ABS. Braking power is a function of the 300mm solo disc caliper which is bolted radially in the front and a twin piston 240mm caliper at the rear. Weighing at 158kgs, the bike makes it to the list of street bikes with a sporty performance. According to the reports released by the manufacturer, the expected top speed is 145kmph with high fuel efficiency of 36.5kmpl. The actual figure, however, will be evident only after the bike’s launch. The two tires are at 110/70 17’’ tyre in the front and 150/60 at the rear. The relatively limited fuel tank will need refilling after running 330kms.

The much spoken about headlight design may look unconventional at first but grows on you. Keeping the theme of a fresh design, the fuel tank is rotated by 1800 in order to bring the centre of gravity down, transforming a bike as bulky as this into an agile monster. The bike is 1988mm long and 896mm wide with a height of 1227mm.

In the instrument console, the digital is a single screen with display of tachometer, redline indicator, speedometer, trip meter and odometer, among other stats. An angular wind shield protects the digital display.


With an engine capacity of 313cc, the expected power outcome of this naked bike is at 33.6bhp at maximum of 95rpm and torque of 28NM at 750rpm. The engine performance is backed by a high compression ratio of 10.6:1. The mono cylinder bike has a torque to weight ratio of 176.40 nm/ tonne which is responsible for the bike’s high performance stats. On the other hand, the power to weight ratio is 211.98bhp/tonne. The six speed bike includes a gearbox of the synchromesh transmission which is integrated into the housing of the motor. The primary gear ratio of the bike is at 3.83 and the gear shift is of the standard 1 down 5up. The rider can expect a 10,000 rpm but over 10,500 rpm, the engine red lines. The BMW G310R is the perfect ride for those who want to travel within the city and enjoy occasional long rides. Once you test ride the G310R, there will be no other bike that you’ll want to own.


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