The iconic British made bike is back all thanks to the Norton CEO Stuart Garner. The reflective silver bodied fast machine is hard to peel your eyes of off. The Norton V4 RR is like a magnet that rivets your gaze. Everything from the external finish to the design intricacy is highly captivating. The Norton V4 RR is not just a bike, it’s a masterpiece.

The new Norton V4 RR is powered by an indigenous British build engine. The body and frame is made exclusively of carbon fibre including the fuel tank and wheels. Norton V4 RR is built to compete with the Ducati Panigale, BMW or the R1. The Norton V4 RR is the fruit of six years of relentless research conducted by the best mechanical engineering group. The bike is designed around the inline four engine- Norton’s signature engine. TT racer, Norton V4 RR is set for a 2017 release.


The Norton engine made in Derby is a V4, liquid cooled 1200cc with titanium valves for inlet and a slippery clutch. The bike is equipped with a 7 inch digital display screen, a rear view camera and an in-built datalogger system. With keyless ignition, V4 RR includes LED lighting with control over high and low beam, indicators, angel eye, rear lamps and DRLs. The bike weighs at 179kg owing to the lightweight build material- carbon fiber. The fuel capacity of the tank is a standard 18L. The bike, a jewel from Norton also offers an additional steering rake to enhance ride feel and comfort. The bike is priced at 28,000 pounds sterling.


The addition of the revolutionary IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) by Bosch presents the rider with complete dominance over the ride. Features include strategies of engine breaking, anti-wheelie, launch and cruise control, control over mid-level traction system, quickshifter, fly-by-wire throttle and autoblipper.

Going by the available first reports, the engine driving the Norton V4 RR is a 1200 cc inline four engine (V4) which is estimated to generate a high horsepower of over 200 at rpm 12,500 and maximum torque of 130nm at 10,000 rpm. The height of the engine is stunted by the addition of intermediate idler gear and cams that are driven by chains.

The engine will also include a slippery clutch and inlet valves made of titanium. Electronic Fuel injection channelizes the fuel through the twin injectors per cylinder. Ride-by-wire throttle is distributed between the rear and front cylinder banks, individually.

There are 3 engine modes that will be available- track, road and pro-race. Keeping safety in mind, traction is controlled through many available modes while maintaining standard conditions during launch and wheelie control. Additionally, the front disc brakes, manufactured by Brembo, recorded a stopping distance of 330mm. For those who would want additional kits, the available upgrades are carbon fibre wheels, pure titanium exhaust system and chrome like finish. Opting for the titanium race exhaust reduces the weight of the bike by 8kg while freeing over 10hp.


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