If you think about scooters, the first thing that comes to your mind is a small, two wheeler without gears with slow pickup and which makes a consistent droning noise when you pull the throttle. But those days may be history soon, thanks to a new kind of scooter called ‘maxi-scooter’.

The main difference between conventional scooters and maxi-scooters is the latter’s higher engine displacement. Most of these maxi scooters are also used as ‘tourers’.

250cc is the starting range in maxi scooters but there are scooters with 400cc, 500cc and even 650cc in engine displacement. There are actually two models in the 2016 BMW 650cc- GT and Sport. Here, we will discuss the BMW C650GT.

The BMW C650 GT is assembled by Kymco in Taiwan

In many ways, the GT reminds us of the R1200RT bike but the BMW C650 GT gives better comfort for both rider and passenger. The scooter is capable of generating 60bhp and 63Nm in torque. Both, the GT and Sport have the same 647 cc engine.

The Sport is lighter than the GT, which weights as 261 kg. The BMW 650cc (GT and Sport) is based on a concept scooter (Concept C) that BMW unveiled at the Milan Motorcycle Show in 2010.

The BMW C650 GT has ABS for safer braking. It needs it, considering the bike can touch 180 km/hr. BMW has also modified the bike’s CVT transmission, to deliver a higher top speed and better traffic acceleration.

For additional safety, BMW has installed a standard traction control system on the scooter. You can adjust the windscreen (electronic on the GT). You can also go for heated grips, heated seats, tire pressure monitors and even daytime lights.

Why we think the GT is a ‘tourer’

BMW has given 60lt of storage space on this scooter. You don’t need this much space if you are just using the scooter in the city, unless you plan to go touring too. You can also install additional storage through a 30lt top box.

The scooter gives a mileage of over 300 km on a full tank but the fuel efficiency is rather low. To get 100 km, you will have to feed this monster 4.2 liters of fuel.

The one thing that might discourage buyers from investing in this scooter is its astronomical price. It costs over £10,000 and that is a lot of money to pay for a scooter.

Don’t forget there are other premium scooters that cost more like the Suzuki Bergman 650 and the Yamaha TMAX 530. But then these scooters don’t have a German legacy.

Final word on the BMW C650GT

The BMW C650GT is an expensive scooter and if you just want a scooter to ride in the city, there are cheaper options in the market. If you are looking for a two wheeler that performs like a bike but has the comfort of a scooter and also doubles up as a tourer, the BMW C650GT is a good buy.

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