The Ducati Multistrada 1200 is a name familiar to the world of adventure touring. However, it has a price tag that makes it something to be desired rather than bought; but now Ducati has come up with a new model, the Ducati Multistrada 950, with the aim of increasing accessibility with a lesser price and simpler features. The extensive and highly sophisticated electronics package of the more expensive Multistradas have been replaced with a simpler one, an LCD screen replaces the color display etc. – changes that have brought down the price tag to £10,995 and £11,195 for the red and the white respectively.

Design and Specifications

According to the company, the design of the Ducati Multistrada 950 is a blend of the ‘lightest’ elements of Multistrada 1200 and Multistrada 1200 Enduro, making it more compact and lightweight than the more expensive models even though it retains many of the typical Multistrada features.

The newest Multistrada, like the Ducati Hypermotard, has a 937cc engine, which according to Ducati, has an engine power of maximum 113hp at 9000rpm. This means that compared to the 160hp of the 1200 model, this has lesser capacity but also, on the brighter side, lesser price and less excitement for those who prefer their adventures in less intimidating and more manageable packages. The more adventurous riders would miss the catapulting thrust of the 1200, but others would find that the highly satisfactory power delivery more than makes up for it with a calmer and more predictable ride. The Ducati Multistrada 950 delivers a maximum torque of 71 pound-feet at 7750rpm, most of which can be tapped from 3500 to 9500 rpm. 

Like the Enduro, it has a 19’’ front wheel that ensures stability that seems to have no adverse effect on its excellent steering and turning capacity. The Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2 tires offers plenty of on-road grip. The suspension setup can be adjusted manually which goes for both the front and rear as well. The seat height is the lowest compared to the other Multistradas, though accessory seats are provided ranging from 32.3 to 33.9 inches in height. In the matter of seating, Multistrada 950 is every bit as comfortable as the more expensive 1200 with plenty leg room and conveniently situated handlebars, but after all it is a Multistrada and you don’t expect less. The windshield height can also be adjusted to the convenience of the rider.

DSP and Riding Modes

The Ducati Multistrada 950 has the Ducati Safety Pack consisting of a three-level ABS and eight-stage traction control. It also offers four preset riding modes – Touring, Sport, Urban and Enduro. Switching between the four modes modifies the power and engine characteristics and automatically adjusts the ABS, traction setting as well as the throttle response. Though the ride modes are preset, there is option to customize them to suit the needs of the individual rider. It also has a first-rate Brembo braking system.

As far as looks are concerned, it might be difficult to distinguish the Multistrada 950 from the 1200, but it does prove to be a more affordable and less overwhelming adventure package for Ducati lovers.

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