The Suzuki GSZ1400 is a blast from the past. It looks like a bike from the 70s, updated where required to confirm to contemporary sensibilities. Some people have said the Suzuki GSZ1400 reminds them of a naked bike but we don’t share their views. The bike has more in common with older bikes than it does with naked bikes. In fact, the bike is mildly reminiscent of the old Ducati Scrambler.

The bike contains a 142cc, four cylinders, 6 gear engine that cranks up quite a lot of power. The seat is very comfortable while the tank has the capacity to hold 22 litres of fuel, enough to take you 200 km without the need to refuel. The wide handlebars mean that you have to sit upright. This is one the reasons we think why the Suzuki GSZ1400 doesn’t fit into the naked bike niche.

The Suzuki GSZ1400 not only looks like a retro bike, it handles like one too

The gear box is typical Suzuki. It sputters a bit when it changes from first gear to second, but further gear changes are smooth. The bike has enough torque to give pricier sports bike a run for their money, aided in no small part by a large oil/air cooled engine.

When you pull the throttle and reach high speeds, expect a bit of rattle and wobble. The bike may also wobble when you reach twists. The suspension doesn’t help in this case, though the Suzuki GSZ1400 has two shock absorbers in the rear. Most sports bikes have one rear suspension. But then, the Suzuki GSZ1400 is not a sports bike.

Just keep a sharp eye out for leaks in the suspensions. But finding new parts is not a problem because there is a strong market for GSZ1400 parts and they are easily available.

The bike has good torque at the lower ranges and this separates the bike from its competitors. It has a good build and looks strong and sturdy although some riders have complained about rusting after winter riding. We are sure, these problems stem from irregular maintenance.
Final words on the GSZ1400

The Suzuki GSZ1400 is not in production anymore (the last bike was manufactured in 2006), but we predict the bike is going to become a modern classic thanks to its dashing looks, engine performance and grit. So if you are thinking about buying a second hand bike that can deliver the performance of a sports bike, more or less and for a lower price, we suggest that you go for this bike.

Talking about competition, two bikes come into our mind- the Suzuki bandit GSF1200 and the Yamaha XJR1300. The Bandit actually costs less than the GSZ1400, but then there is a vast difference in the riding experience between the two bikes. Final words? The GSZ1400 is a decent bike that delivers a lot of power for an affordable price. If you are short of cash and want to purchase a good bike, then buy the GSZ1400. You won’t be disappointed.



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