Triumph’s Daytona 675 can be considered as the best British sports bike ever made and perhaps even in the running to be one of the best in the World, as was judged by the leading British motorcycle magazine, Bike. Launched in 2005, the bike’s design and chassis is based on its predecessor the Daytona 600 and makes for quite the show-stopper in terms of looks. Adjustments were made to the wheelbase, head angle and the fuel tank. The combination of a powerful 3 cylinder engine along with a streamlined, angular and aerodynamic chassis gives the bike good speed, nimbleness and control. With this model, Triumph gained popularity among riders who earlier preferred Japanese 600 cc bikes over the Daytona 600. The bike performs well on both roads and race tracks. It is priced at £9,600.00 in the UK. There are two colour combinations available, crystal white/jet black and diablo red/ matte aluminum silver.


The Daytona 675 has, as the name suggests, an engine displacement capacity of 675 cc. It has a Double Over Head Cam (DOHC), 3 cylinder engine. The maximum power output of the engine is 126 BHP (94 kW) at 12,500 rpm and maximum torque is 54 Ft-lbs @ 11,900 rpm. The engine is fed by an electronic fuel injection system. The bike has an effective suspension that is capable of taking on sharp turns and bounces. The rear suspension is an Ohlins single spring while the front suspension is a double fork from the same manufacturer. The brakes both front and back are switchable Anti Lock Braking (ABS). Seat height is 32 inches, which is reasonable and the wheel base is 54 inches. The chassis houses a fuel tank with a capacity of 17.4 Litres. There is a circuit mode feature on the bike that when activated allows for more aggressive braking. There was a redesign of the bike in 2013 called the Daytona 675 R which has a new engine and the bike frame geometry altered. The bike has a red line torque of about 14,400 rpm. There is a 6 gear transmission on the bike, with a button quick shift for fast up-shifting. The clutch also provides for anti-hop safety when rapidly downshifting gears. With a weight of only 161 kg, the Daytona 675 is pretty light for the specifications that it offers.


If there is one criticism that can be leveled against the Daytona 675, it’s the rider position. It feels too upright and might be a little uncomfortable on long rides; also the fairly spartan seat cushioning could be a small negative as well. The engine’s performance is reliable with a responsive torque. There is also a meaty sound to the bike’s engine. The bike is quite light and is well balanced with a good mix of power, poise and agility. The suspension takes on strain quite seamlessly making for a smooth ride. The bike has a good supply of torque. And the braking power is quite strong. Whether you’re on a track or city roads, this bike won’t disappoint.


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