Indisputably one of the most successful motorbike racers of all time, it’s hardly surprising that many of us long to be able to ride like the legendary ‘doctor’ Valentino Rossi.

Boasting a long and impressive career in which he has tallied up a whopping 9 Grand Prix World Championship wins – 7 of which were obtained in the premier class – Rossi also holds the title for most 500cc/MotoGP race wins with a staggering 80 victories.

He is also rated second in the standing for overall race wins – claiming 106 victories to Giacomo Agostinin’s leading 122.

While riding like Rossi on the racetrack would take years of training and experience, not to mention plenty of raw talent, today’s bikers can enjoy part of the thrill of his famous style thanks to the limited edition double-face helmet now available.

Introducing the Rossi Helmet

With prices still waiting to be announced, anticipation for the release of Valentino Rossi’s replica helmet is unsurprisingly high.

For those interested in getting their hands on this exclusive piece of kit and looking like a real racer when out on the road, we’ve given an overview of everything you can expect from the new helmet.

• Double-face helmet with Soleluna graphics turned 180° to make the front and back the same

• Yellow colour scheme with coloured detailing and striking design of two blue eyes staring over the shoulders

• AVG Corsa helmet

• Exact replica of helmet created for Rossi by Aldo Drudi and worn during his team tests in Sepang

• 100% made and designed in Italy

• Available in four sizes and made from composite fibre, aramid and carbon fibre to give SSL shell (super super light)

• Lined with fully removable, breathable lycra which has been given a sanitising treatment

• Integrated Ventilation System (IVS) with wide, hollowed ducts for improved airflow and air vents with open and closing mechanism

• Metal roto-translation visor opening mechanism with XQRS (Extra Quick Release System) and front micro-lock to prevent accidental opening

• Non-scratch and ant-fog visor coating with extra wide vision complying to Class 1 Optical Standards

• Removable nose guard and chin strap

Safety Advice

Just remember that while you may look the part out on the road, you still need to spare a thought for safety.

Motorbike racing is a dangerous sport as only Rossi knows too well following his involvement in high profile clashes, such as the fatal crash of his close friend Marco Simoncelli in which Rossi was unavoidably involved. You must always abide by the rules of the road and ride safely – no matter whose gear you are wearing or what racing ambitions you have.

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