Royal Enfield takes the word ‘classic’ quite seriously. It is evident in almost all the models it has released over the years. Although there have been advancements in its engineering, the classic factor remains the same. Reiterating this fact is the Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm.

The sandy scheme and rugged looks of the Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm evoke nostalgia and make it a fitting suitor for the term ‘classic’.


The Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm boasts a 499cc, 4-stroke single cylinder air-cooled engine. Fitted to a 5-speed constant mesh gearbox, it’s all you could ask from Royal Enfield. The brake horsepower of the motorcycle is about 27 at 5250 rpm. You get a comfortable displacement at 4000 rpm of 41.3 Nm. On an average, you get a mileage of 40 kmpl.


The most obvious styling feature of the Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm is its colour. This is the only colour option you have. The sand brown paint is intended to remind you of the sands of the desert. Other features are reminiscent of the old Enfield design. For example, the ‘Tiger Eye Lamps’ of the headlights provide a look that’s straight out of the 50s but its illumination is remarkable.

Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm hasn’t digitised the instrument cluster, so that’s another page out of the good old days. The minimalist approach works well for the Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm as it reminds you of a simpler time. Single saddle seating allows you to singly slip away for the much-needed time off from monotony and recharge for a while. The seat is well-sprung to give you added comfort when you are on the road for a long time.

The 14.5-liter fuel tank has all the markings of a post-war era bike. Also included on the tank are thigh pads for extra protection.

Performance and Price

When it comes to performance, the Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm takes a hit. There’s no doubt it’s a classic looker, but the performance also seems to be around the classic era. In the city, the bike rides flawlessly. It’s when you take it out on the freeway that you notice its shortcomings. As you speed up, the bike begins to vibrate as though requesting you to slow down. As you reach the 60 kmph mark, it becomes more and more evident.

The telescopic front suspension and the shock-absorbing twin gas-charged rear suspension do nothing much to improve the performance. The limited ground clearance too does not help its cause. Nonetheless, you can expect the Desert Storm to give you a pleasant ride because of its better-than-average horsepower and torque.

The Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm is priced at a modest £4499 (on-road) for the basic trim. You can upgrade its look by purchasing additional accessories and components, but the bike by itself is a masterpiece.

It is one of the best classic motorcycles you can find in this range. Not only does it have a retro feel, but also has the power for which Royal Enfield is famous. No matter the purpose of your ride – touring, adventure, road trip, or simple commute – the Desert Storm will not disappoint. It is practical, comfortable, and good-looking – what more do you want from your bike?

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