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Sell My Ducati

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Well, we do. Why? Because, from their modest beginnings with a motorised pushbike in the 1940’s, the Italian-born Ducati brand has grown to become synonymous with speed and performance.

A short history of Ducati

In 1950, their first official motorbike, the Ducati Cucciolo, had a 48cc engine and could achieve a top speed of 40mph. In production until 1958, it was originally conceived during and shortly following World War II by Aldo Farinelli, a Turin lawyer.

In the 1960’s, Ducati became a serious contender in the motorcycle market with its launch of the Mach 1. This 250cc single-cylinder engine was capable of more than 100mph, making it the fastest road bike of its time, and firmly establishing Ducati’s reputation for power and speed. Even today, it remains one of the most sought after old motorcycles among enthusiasts.

By the 1970’s Ducati bikes had become widely known. After taking first and second place at the Imola 200, Ducati launched the hugely popular 750 Super Sport Series and if you currently ride a 2005 PaulSmart1000 LE, you’re riding machine inspired by that race.

The Super Sport name was later taken up again – now as SuperSport – for a new Ducati motorcycle, called the 900 SuperSport, announced in 1988. This model went through numerous changes and improvements, such as a revised air/oil cooled motor, six-speed gearbox and Morzocchi rear suspension in 1989.

During the 1990’s in particular, Ducati stormed the race circuit to win numerous British and Superbike World Championships and wowed the urban community with its launch of the Ducati Monster and legendary Ducati 996. Despite undergoing many changes, this bike was such a hit that it continues to account for nearly half of all Ducati sales around the world.

In recent times, it’s been hard to think of Ducati without thinking about its prestigious history. This was particularly reflected by the introduction of the Ducati PaulSmart 1000 LE in 2006; this bike certainly rekindled nostalgia, thanks to its style cues shared with the 750 Super Sport of the 1970s. Numerous similar bikes to the PaulSmart were brought out under a SportClassic series banner.

Today, there remain plenty of Ducati enthusiasts around the globe. There are literally hundreds of Ducati enthusiast clubs, including local, regional and national clubs. Informally dubbed by motorcycle fans as, to use the plural term, Ducatisti, these enthusiasts have certainly helped to keep Ducati’s impressive history – and, especially crucially, old motorcycle models – firmly in the public eye.

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