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Sell My Honda

Is it time to sell your motorbike? Then get in touch with us, because we buy any Honda!

Who doesn’t love a Honda? Seriously, since the 1950’s, when they became the biggest manufacturer of motorbikes in Japan, Honda have sold millions of motorbikes to every kind of rider worldwide.

A short history of Honda

No matter what your riding style is, there’s a Honda to match it. From the humble SH125i commuter scooter that’s perfect for gadding about town, to the legendary Honda Goldwing and Honda Silverwing tourers, right up to the Fireblade and the infamous CBR1100XX Super Blackbird that took the title of the world’s fastest motorbike in 1996 and held it for two years, there’s no doubt that Honda cater to every novice and professional two-wheeled taste.

But no company reaches this impressive point without scoring a lot of successes and meeting a lot of milestones along the way. And, of course, many of us still keep Honda bikes which were first released years or even decades ago. In terms of both on-road practicality and visual style, many Honda motorcycles from the company’s history still deliver the goods.

Honda’s history as a motorbike maker could be traced back to 1949 and the brand’s first “proper”, to use its own word, motorcycle: the Honda model ‘D’ Dream. The positive public reaction to the bike was, it would be an understatement to say, a good sign of things to come…

Even as a modest-sized motorbike manufacturer in the 1960’s, Honda scored impressive David vs Goliath victories in the tough global market. This was largely due to an innovative advertising campaign that used the slogan “You meet the nicest people on a Honda.” The message was clear: Honda motorcycles weren’t just for very specific demographics – they were simply for the best of us.

It’s a good indicator of Honda’s unorthodox philosophy that the company’s against-the-odds success has often stumped people and organisations, and provoked heavy debate. Honda has maintained its careful attention to quality and detail right to the present day – meaning that many modern Honda bikes, too, rival their predecessors in popularity.

Hence, you probably don’t want to let go of your Honda bike. But, if you do, there’s the comfort of knowing that your bike will be in high demand and can therefore command a generous price…

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Whether you’re ready to retire from the road or want to sell your old Honda to make room in your life for a new one, no matter what model it is, we’d like to buy it. It’s easy to sell your Honda with We Want Your Motorbike.

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