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Advice for bikers riding in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a beautiful Scottish city that’s known for a lot of things. Well, it’s the 3rd most populous city in Scotland. But, did you know that it’s also home to a large number of motorcycle enthusiasts? Well, though that information isn’t official, it is actually true.

So, this is a city where the buyer has an advantage over the sellers. People here know a lot about their bikes and they will make sure they get the better end of the deal. So, if you want to make some profit by selling your old bike, make sure you get a professional valuation done.

A professional valuation will help you understand the true value of your bike. It will also help you make a proper sale to the right buyer without compromising on your earnings.

While you do that, make sure you also have some fun with your bike. Aberdeen is pretty much a biker’s paradise and you don’t want to miss out on what it offers.

Rider Routes

  1. A944: Aberdeen – Westhill – Alford – Lumsden

This is an excellent route with the best bit starting at Alford. Once you hit Alford, take a right and go over the bridge to Strathdon. This route will take you alongside the Don River via a forest sections and sweepers. 8 miles later, you will spot a turn to Strathdon, which is better avoided. Instead, head straight to Lumsden. Once you cross Lumsden, you will come across some excellent turns and a bridge, where you will need to turn left in order to get onto a single paved track.

The track will lead you onto a farm, where you might be required to slow down. After which, you will enter a countryside location, where the track forms a T-Junction with the A941. Turn left at the A941. From here on, the route is filled with breath-taking scenery. About 12 miles of this particular stretch is filled with forests, heather, streams, and mountains on both sides of the road.

On the whole, the route offers excellent corners. However, the straights are minimal. Road surface and visibility are above average at best. Police presence is moderate, so do keep an eye on things.

Motorcycle Clubs (MCCs)

  1. The Grampian Motorcycle Club (GMC)

The Grampian MCC was established in the year 2006 by former members of the Aberdeen and District Advanced MCC. The Aberdeen and District Advanced MCC was an affiliate of the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists). However, the club was disbanded in the year 2014.

The GMC, on the other hand, is now affiliated to the British Motorcycle Federation (BMF).

The purpose of the GMC is to function as a social MCC. It tries to remain open to any type of motorcyclist who just wants to have the pleasure of riding his/her bike as often as possible. The club often conducts runs. These runs tend to vary in distance. Generally, they are in the region of 50 to 80 miles. The runs are generally conducted on Wednesdays during the British summer months and they end with a post-run social gathering.

On weekends, the club can be found conducting runs that stretch between 150 to 400 miles. The long runs are limited to 14 runs every year and they include overnight stays at hotels and even campsites.

As stated earlier, the club is open to both genders. The only requirement is that members possess a proper motorcycle riding license. Members are also welcome to bring their families and partners on the club’s weekend runs.

The club is managed by elected committee members, who are voted for during the club’s Annual General Meeting.

  1. The Bon-Accord Motorcycle Club

The Bon-Accord MCC is a club dedicated exclusively to motocross sports. It has a reputation of being friendly and open to the idea of new members joining without limit. The club has also been known to hear out members on their ideas or opinions and even entertain them if viable.

The club conducts meetings on the first Wednesday of each month and members are quite particular about these meetings. The meetings are held at Aberdeen Grammar School and Former Pupils Club from 7:30 PM to 10 PM. The club allows non-members to attend these meetings as a way to know more about the club.

The club also conducts motocross events, which are open to everybody and the MCC ensures that people are made to feel welcome. They encourage visitors to know more about motocross and even offer a sort of crash course, which is taught by the more senior members.

Joining the club is easy. Just visit the site, and download their membership form. Fill up the details and mail it to them.

The membership lasts for 12 months, after which you will be required to renew your membership.

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