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Sell my motorbike in Barnsley

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If you visiting Barnsley and are looking for a bikers guide to riding here then scroll down.

Bikers guide to riding in Barnsley

In many houses you may see an old bike, sitting in the garage, gathering dust. The main reason why a lot of people do not even attempt to sell their old bike is because they think that the effort it requires does not compliment the reward it brings. It may have been the case in the past; however, selling a bike nowadays for its maximum value is easy. Just visit the bike dealer’s website, fill up a form, and upload a picture of your bike. The dealer will get back to you with an offer. You can accept or reject the offer. Accepting the offer means, getting your money within 24 hours, and the bike out of your house within 24 hours. The dealer will collect your bike from your house, free of charge.

Barnsley is a town in South Yorkshire, England. Home of the Barnsley chop, the town is biker-friendly.

Barnsley Bikers Club – The motorcycle club in Barnsley

The club was established in the year 1985. Members of the club include people from Barnsley, people living in the surrounding areas of Barnsley, and from other towns as well. Anyone who rides a motorcycle or who is interested in biking, can join the club, be it male or female, experienced or novice, old or young. Club meetings are held every fortnight. Regular ride outs and motorcycle runs are conducted throughout the year. The club organizes European tours as well, on a regular basis. The club meetings are open to non-members also.

Biker friendly meeting places in and around Barnsley

Following are some of the biker-friendly meeting places in and around Barnsley.

  • Dearne Valley Diner – The restaurant/cafe is located at A635 Doncaster Road, Barnsley. The diner has a warm and friendly atmosphere. They serve good food and refreshing beverages. This is a good place for the bikers to meet. Bike night is on Monday, from 6:35 pm onward. A good place to hang out, especially in the summer.
  • Moto Demon Speed Shop – This biker cafe is located at The Boiler House, South Yorkshire. They serve good food at fair prices. The atmosphere is friendly. The cafe is visited by a lot of people during weekends. A shop and workshop are located at the same site, as well.
  • The Travellers Inn – Located at Smithy Wood Road, South Yorkshire, it is a good place to stop during your ride outs. The Independent Bikers hold their bike night at the Travellers Inn, every Wednesday evening. They serve some amazing food, at great prices. The inn has a friendly ambiance.

Pubs in and around Barnsley

Following are some of the biker-friendly pubs in and around Barnsley

  • Chennell’s – The pub is located at Wellington Street, Barnsley. It has a good selection of authentic ales. The food is good, and is reasonably priced as well. The place is big, and is usually crowded during the weekends.
  • The Chestnut Tree – The pub is located at Claycliffe Road, Barnsley. The food is of good quality, and they serve real ale. The pub is spacious, and there are plenty of parking spaces as well. The pub features outdoor seating, which is ideal to have your food during the warm summer evenings. They provide Wi-Fi access as well.

Roads that are good to ride your motorcycle in and around Barnsley

Following are some of the routes in and around Barnsley, where you can enjoy a good bike ride.

  • From Thorne to Scunthorpe – You can take the A18 road all the way through. The distance is about 11 to 12 kilometres. It will take about 9 to 10 minutes for the whole ride.
  • From Stocksbridge to New Mill – You can take the A616 road all the way through. It will take you about 19 to 20 minutes to complete the 17.1 kilometre ride.
  • From Holmfirth to Glossop – You can take the A6024 road first, and then turn right onto A628, and then A6105 for the last stretch of the ride. The distance is about 16 to 17 kilometres. The whole ride will take you about 23 minutes.

Speed cameras

Following are some of the areas where the speed cameras are located in and around Barnsley.

  • A635, Doncaster Road – The speed limit is 40 mph. The direction of the camera alternates, both up and down the road.
  • Park Road (Barnsley) – The speed limit is 30 mph. The direction of the camera faces downhill, after traffic lights.
  • Fish Dam Lane (Barnsley / Carlton) – The speed limit is 30 mph. The camera is bi-directional, Gatso East/westbound.
  • A628 (Brierley) – The speed limit is 30 mph. The direction of the camera is pointing south.
  • A628 – Barnsley Road (Brierley) – The speed limit is 30 mph. The direction of the camera is Eastbound.

The best thing about selling your bike that you do not use is that your bike can become the first ride of another bike enthusiast. Always opt to sell your bike to a professional dealer so that you can get the maximum value for your bike, and for an easy processing.

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