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Sell my motorbike in Basildon

Sell my motorbike in Basildon

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Basildon

Basildon hill

Take Your Bike Out for a Spin

Great biking roads

Join a MCC

Motorcycle clubs

A guide to riding your motorbike in Basildon

Basildon is a town that’s known for its motorcycling culture. So, if you have plans to sell your bike here, there’s a very good chance that you might find a ton of buyers. However, the average Basildon resident knows way more about bikes then you might assume them to. So, make sure you get a proper valuation done for your bike by a professional. That way, you’re sure to improve your chances of landing a good deal.

Now, other than looking for a buyer for your bike, you can keep busy by enjoying Basildon’s motorcycling culture. There’s a lot that you and your bike can do here. Here are a few ideas.

A guide to riding your motorbike in Basildon

Take Your Bike Out for a Spin

Basildon has plenty of great biking roads nearby. So, if you manage to find some time, just fill up your tank and hit the roads. Here are a few routes you can check out.

  1. B1057: Great Dunmow (via Finchingfield) to Haverhill

For this route, you can take the A130 to Great Dunmow and from there, head to Haverhill via Finchingfield. This is a great route and probably one of the best in Essex. There are plenty of challenging bends with a few straight routes in between. The straights give you enough time to prepare for the next corner. 

However, there are a few villages on the way that will slow you down. But, on the whole, this is a fun route.

The road surface is average and visibility is decent. Police presence is moderate at best.

  1. A130/31 to Haverhill via Finchingfield

This is a pretty straightforward route that takes you to Haverhill via Finchingfield on the A130 and A131. The route is known for the many challenging twists and bends it offers. However, do exercise some restraint. Many bikers have had a bad time because the bends on this route can prove to be very tempting.

Also, Finchingfield locals have had a few unfortunate experiences with speeding bikers and they will report you to the police. So, slow down as you enter the area.

On the whole, the route offers great scenery and brilliant corners. The visibility is good and the road surface is above average. There are hardly any straights and police presence is minimal.

  1. B1053: Finchingfield – Saffron Walden

You can take the A130 to Finchingfield and connect to Saffron Walden through the B1053. This route is a fairly fast one. However, road surface isn’t up to the mark, so maintaining speeds will be a problem. It is wise to slow down when required.

There are a few interesting corners and the roads are generally devoid of traffic. But, do keep an eye out for the occasional police car and the 40 mile/hour speed limits at certain spots.

Take Your Bike Out for a Spin

Join a MCC

There are several motorcycle clubs (MCCs) that operate in and around Basildon. Joining one can prove to be beneficial for you. Here are some clubs that you can try out.

  1. The Essex Chapter

The Essex Chapter is an independent Harley Davidson Owners club. It was formed in February 2011, making it one of the youngest MCCs in the Essex area.  The MCC originally started as an official H.O.G (Harley Davidson Owners Group) club. However, after their sponsoring Harley Davidson dealership had shut down, the MCC was forced to stop functioning as well.

But, the members eventually decided to continue the Essex Chapter as an unofficial Harley Davidson exclusive club. Though, you don’t have to be part of an official H.O.G club to join, the MCC still expects members to own a Harley Davidson.

The MCC continues to see its member numbers growing year after year.

So, if you’re a Harley rider, then this is the MCC for you.

  1. Essex Advanced Motorcyclists’ Group (EAMG)

The Essex Advanced Motorcyclists’ Group (EAMG) is one of those motorcycle clubs that have a real purpose. Established in 1982, the EAMG helps motorcyclists across the whole of Essex learn and benefit from proper riding skills and safety measures.  Apart from that, the group also serves as a social platform for like-minded bikers to share their passion for motorcycles and motorcycling.

The group was initially established as an IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) group. However, they started functioning independently in the year 2005. The idea to go independent resulted from the group’s aim to provide high quality training and worthwhile value.

Since the group operates purely through a volunteer system, members are expected to pay a fee for joining. These fees help the EAMG fund and continue its true purpose in training motorcyclists to develop proper riding skills, as well as their knowledge of riding safety. 

Anybody is welcome to join the EAMG as a member. However, those who haven’t cleared their IAM test or any other equivalent motorcycle test will be enrolled as ‘Associate Members’.

Join a MCC
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