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Sell my motorbike in Basingstoke

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Basingstoke

Located in central England, Basingstoke is the second biggest town in Hampshire. It is housed in a valley which acts as a source of the River Loddon. Including its peripheral suburbs, Basingstoke has a population of more than 107,000 people. The town has a lot of roundabouts, giving it the nickname “Doughnut City.”

Basingstoke can be descried as an old market town, but it has become one of the United Kingdom’s vital economic centers and houses the headquarters of several large companies like Motorola, Sun Life Financial, etc. The town is a major interchange between the cities of Newbury, Winchester, Reading, Alton, and Andover. It is also situated on the natural trade route between London and the southwest of England. In 1974, the borough of Basingstoke combined with other local areas to create the borough of Basingstoke and Deane.

Although Basingstoke can be seen more of a historical town, the population consists of people of diverse backgrounds, which also includes a large number of bikers. You can find motorcycle enthusiasts across all age groups. These people are active members of clubs and meet frequently at local joints in Basingstoke. If you are looking to sell your motorcycle, you will need to meet and interact with the local bikers of Basingstoke. Joining their clubs will also help you get the inside scoop on how you can go about selling your bike. You can gather enough information on where you can sell your bike or you could possibly find someone who would be willing to buy it from you. Identify the local routes the bikers use to make it easier for you to meet them.

Popular bike routes in and around Basingstoke

•    Basingstoke to Alton and Alresford
This route contains a sublime combination of woodlands, small villages, and rolling fields. The countryside of North Hampshire makes for a superb location to ride your bike, which is why it is a popular choice among the motorcycle enthusiasts from the town. When you leave Basingstoke, you will pass through Cliddesden, climbing higher around Ellisfield where you can experience spectacular views over the town. You have quiet rural lanes snaking through small villages that help give you a very peaceful riding experience. When you reach route 23, you will get to Bighton and then Alresford. When you ride further, you will reach Alton.

•    Basingstoke to Reading
This route is used by bikers who want to get from Hampshire to Berkshire. Bikers prefer this route since it is mostly traffic free, especially between Basingstoke Town Center and Chineham. This route has quiet lanes that pass through Silchester and then finally reach Reading through West Berkshire. You will come across several areas of interest as you take this route, including the Roman Silchester, Stratfield Saye House, Calleva Atrebatum, and the Wellington Country Park.

The bike enthusiasts of Basingstoke are members of several clubs that have regular meetings at local joints in the town. Scout out for these clubs and meet the members. Interacting with them will help you learn on how you should go about selling your bike.

Biker clubs and hangouts in and around Basingstoke

The Basingstoke Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is a part of the MAG UK, which is a lobbying organization focused on protecting the act of motorcycling from negative legislation that could damage the joy of bike riding. Anyone can become a member of this club regardless of the bike they ride. The Basingstoke MAG club members meet every first and third Thursdays of the month at The Royal Oak, a local pub on Worthing Road. Another club is the BA Superbike Riding Club, which is exclusively for people who own and enjoy riding super sport bikes. This club has regular events that you could attend and meet people who could be interested in your bike or guide you toward someone who would be willing to buy. The BA Superbike Riding Club is located at Reading, which is not too far from Basingstoke. The Solent Riders Motorcycle Group in Hindhead is another club found around Basingstoke. An annual membership fee will cost you 10 pounds. The clubs welcomes people will all skills, abilities, and even just pillion riders. The clubs rides to various destinations and conducts frequent activities.

Contact some of the members of these clubs for details of the dates and locations of their meetings. You could take part in these meetings or involve yourself in some of their riding trips to get to know them better. Offer your vehicle for a test ride. This might help you find some prospective buyers among the club members themselves. Visit biker-friendly cafés like Loomies Moto Café on Alton Road, Station Café Alton, Departure Lounge Café on Basingstoke Road, and Jolly Ollys Coffee in Basingstoke where you can meet bikes from all around the country. They can offer you great advice regarding the bike market and where you should be looking for the right buyer for your machine.

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