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Sell my motorbike in Belfast

Sell my motorbike in Belfast

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Belfast


Motorcycle clubs

Belfast Flyers


in Belfast

A guide to riding your motorbike in Belfast

If you are planning to sell your motorcycle in Belfast, you will need to get a professional valuation of your bike done by an expert appraiser.

The Irish know their bikes, and if you ask too high, you get no takers. However, there is enough motorcycle-related activity in Belfast so there are lots of opportunities to sell your motorbike. Here is some more information about the motorcycle culture in Belfast.

A guide to riding your motorbike in Belfast

Motorcycle clubs

The first motorcycle club that comes to mind are the Belfast Flyers, which lays emphasis on safety and friendship. The club has tried to keep things as inclusive as possible. So you are not compelled to take part in everything organized by the club.

You can participate in whatever suits your personal preferences – Sunday rides, social nights, or weekend breaks away from Belfast. Their motto is to enjoy riding together. And because safety is their priority, you are encouraged to ride at your own pace even while in a group – no matter how slow or experienced you are, there will always be a back marker behind you.

There is also the Belfast chapter of Hell’s Angels, where membership is restricted to those who have choppers of 750 cc and above. However, the police say the Hell’s Angels is a criminal organisation, with its members being involved in drug-trafficking, rape and other crimes. So we leave it to you whether you want to be part of this club.

Motorcycle clubs


The Belfast and District Motor Club conducts the Irish Short Circuit Championship every year. This consists of three races, the first on Easter Monday, the second on the first Saturday of June, and the third on the first Saturday of September, all of them at the Kirkistown Race Circuit in County Down, some 25 miles away. They are conducted in various classes, and the Easter Monday race saw some 200 participants.

Apart from the championship, the Belfast and District Motor Club also encourages non-competitive racing at Bishopscourt Racing Circuit, about 30 miles away from Belfast. Bishopscourt also hosts Rounds 11 and 12 of the Masters Superbike Championship on August 21, 2016.

The North West 200 is road race. This race takes place between the towns of Coleraine, Portstewart and Portrush (also known as ‘The Triangle’). It is one of the fastest street circuits in the world, where riders touch speeds of 200 mph (this is about as high as Formula 1 cars). The best part? The race is only 60 miles from Belfast – and it happens during 10-14 May in 2016.

Closer to Belfast, there are road races at Cookstown (50 miles away) and Tandragee (35 miles away) conducted by the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) – the next race is scheduled for the 30th of April 2016 at Cookstown.

These two places, along with Antrim (20 miles from Belfast), regularly host Irish Superbike Racing events several times during the year.

Save the racing for the track

If you want to race, there are several options in and around Belfast where you can race safely and you can redline your bike. Doing so otherwise endangers not only your own safety, but also that of other motorists and pedestrians. Some of the most notorious speed traps in the city can be found at the following locations (and thousands – we kid you not – have already been fined)•    Saintfield Road
•    Upper Newtownards Road
•    Antrim Road, Belfast (fixed)
•    Shore Road – Eden to Belfast
•    Springfield Road (fixed)
•    Springfield Road (mobile)
•    Malone/University/Milltown Road
•    Ballysillan Road
•    Upper Lisburn Road
•    Saintfield Road, Upper Galwally
•    Old Holywood Road
•    Antrim Road (mobile)
•    A55 Outer Ring
•    Glen Road
•    Crumlin Road
•    Falls/Andersonstown/Stewartstown Road
•    Castlereagh Road
•    Cliftonville Road


The Irish definitely know a thing or two about their ale. Some of the best biker bars in Belfast are

Frames: Located on Little Donegall Street, this is a true biker bar, where you can find burly-looking men wearing skullcaps and talking about their Harleys around the snooker tables. Don’t be surprised if they come up to you and challenge you to a game of pool in return for you not getting beaten up! (we are just kidding). It is just like a scene from the movies – and that part may be literally true, as it has been featured in quite a number of movies shot in Northern Ireland.

Barking Dog Restaurant: On Malone Road, this place serves up some great food and drink. It is also suitable for large gatherings, and families too come here. It costs about £40 for two (food and drinks). Their beer, brewed in-house, is so strong that you might feel tipsy after three glasses, so the friendly wait staff might recommend a glass of red wine instead.

Lavery’s: This place has both good food and drinks (they say it has the best bar menu in Belfast), and the crowd you see here only seem to reinforce that statement. On a weekend, you might have to wait in line, though.

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