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Advice for bikers riding in Birmingham

If you are looking to sell your bike in Birmingham, make sure that the person on the other end of the bargain understands the potential and value of the vehicle you are selling. If they don’t you would be short-changed and might end up regretting the decision later. Get a valuation from someone who knows the business and understands the value of your bike.

Birmingham is one of the most passionate biking regions in West Midlands. It is home to the National Motorcycle Museum which boasts of the largest collection of motorcycles anywhere in the world. Many bike enthusiasts have spent hours going through the halls and motorbikes and the region has become a focal point for the motorcycle movement, aided in no small part by the fact that it is located in the heart of Midlands.

If you are planning to go biking around the city, there are some fantastic roads you can take. You also need to be aware of the problematic speed cameras so that you don’t end up paying steep fines for going over the speed limit. Read on to know more.

Best biking roads around Birmingham

  1. A458/A470 between Shrewsbury and Dolgellau – A dream biking road, but also one of the main caravan routes to the Welsh Coast. Make sure you go when the road is quiet. You will find fast and open sweepers from Shrewsbury to Welshpool and a fabulous mix of fast straights and high speed corners between Welshpool and Mallwyd. The route from Mallwyd to Dolgellau is mountainous with breathtaking scenery. If you want to stop for refreshments, do it in Welshpool as it is the only substantial settlement along this route.
  1. A422 between Alcester and Worcester – This wide, sweeping road is perfect for bikers. The curves and corners make for a fantastic riding experience and there is hardly any police presence or hazards on the road. There is a petrol pump two-thirds on the way to Worcester. You would notice a rainbow tarmac thanks to some over keen customers, but it works perfectly fine.
  1. A422 between Brackley and Bridgetown – This road is almost always quiet because of the M40 next door. It has a mix of big sweeping corners and hairpins, making it really fun to ride. The section before Banbury has some really nice medium bends and a good surface. The westerly section after Banbury on the way to Stratford Upon Avon is more rural, but also offers an excellent choice of bends.
  1. A442 between Telford and Kidderminster – A442 again? Yeah, we know, but this road offers a wide selection of treats for bikers. This route is varied and offers a lot of high speed straights if you want to let it rip. It also has technical corners outside of bridge north.
  1. A5 from Shrewsbury to Holyhead – The scenery from Corwen to Bethesda alone makes this route special. Although, most of the road is national speed limit, it goes through some towns where the speed limit is 30mph. Once you pass Corwen, there are plenty of bends and no police cameras, making it a must-ride for any biker.

Notorious Speed Cameras

The subject of speed cameras is enough to send the motorists’ blood pressure soaring. Speed traps have always been around – after all, one of the reasons behind the formation of the AA was to warn motorists of police ambush if they went over the low speed limit. The problem is, once you put in speed cameras, the number of speeders reduces. So, the trigger speeds are dropped lower to help pay the bills. This has alienated the public. In the West Midlands alone, motorists were hit in the pocket to the tune of 3.5 million dollars during the last year. Let’s take a look at the top speed camera sites in the region.

The variable speed limit zone which was put in place for the active management of traffic on the M6 has seen more than 7000 drivers getting caught by speeding cameras. They had to pay a minimum fine of 100 pounds, which means the fines on this road alone amounted to 700,000 pounds. The section between junction 4 and 5 in Castle Bromwich was one of the worst sections for speeding motorists, overseeing close to 3100 offences. In a bid to save money, the police in West Midlands switched off the fixed camera sites, although they have been making use of mobile camera vans which they claim is more flexible.

The Headlands Parkway, between Bromford Lane and Star City, often plays host to high performance bikes and cars driving illegally and has seen many police crackdowns on all the cruising. Before the fixed sites were switched off, the top thirty sites alone dished out more than 45,000 fines.

In the second place is Sandwell Road (A4040) between Oxhill and Island Road in Handsworth. It netted more than 2700 speeders. The A45 Stonebridge highway in Coventry is not far behind with 2500 speeders.

When speed cameras were introduced nearly two decades ago, it was with the goal of educating people about speed. Prosecution was never the aim. The Alliance of British Drivers insisted that speed cameras do nothing to bring down the rate of accidents. They added that the cameras are a cash cow for a fine hungry government. Here are the top sites for speed cameras you need to beware of:

  1. The M6 between junctions 4 and 5 – close to 3100 offences.
  2. Sandwell Road (A4040) between Oxhill and Island Road – over 2700.
  3. Eastbound A45 Stonebridge Highway in Coventry – close to 2500.
  4. Southbound M42 – active traffic management between junction 7 and junction 6 – over 2350.
  5. Halesowen Bypass – over 1700.
  6. M6 motorway between junctions 5 to 8 – over 1500.
  7. M6 southbound, Active traffic management between junction 10 and junction 8 – over 1500.
  8. Heartlands Parkway between Star City and Bromford Lane – over 1300.
  9. M6 southbound, between junctions 10 and 9 – over 1050.
  10. A45 Stonebridge Highway, westbound – over 1000.

With seven new speed cameras set to go up in Birmingham, motorists need to be a bit more careful to enjoy a hassle-free riding experience.

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