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Sell my motorbike in Blackburn

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Blackburn

Situated in Lancashire, England, Blackburn is a large town that was once known for its developments in the textile industry. It was one of the first few towns to be industrialized in the world, during the onset of the industrial revolution, and is now considered to be a location of interest for many tourists. The town has a total population of over 100,000 and supports a considerable number of people who are passionate about bikes. If you are planning to sell your bike in Blackburn, the following guide will help you find the right person for your beloved machine.

Before you start looking for a potential buyer for your motorcycle, it is best to have your bike repaired professionally. That way, you can decide a realistic price range and get a good deal from the sale of your motorcycle. Once you have set a price range, it is time to meet other people who are as passionate about bikes as you are! The following activities will help you find like-minded individuals in and around Blackburn, and give you a better chance to get a reasonable deal.

Hit the roads on the outskirts of Blackburn

  • Haslingden road and Grane Road roundabout

For the people who want to experience the countryside of Lancashire in a short ride, the roundabout of Grane Road and Haslingden Road gives a good opportunity. The 20 kilometre long circle is equally balanced with corners and straights, and the best part of the track is the scenery of the surroundings. Although there is not much traffic or police presence on these roads, it is best to practice caution on the bends.

  • Blackburn to York on the A59

All bikers have the inclination to take a long road trip on the weekends and explore the natural beauty of the midlands of UK. The 108 kilometre ride from Blackburn all the way east to the city of York gives enough of excitement that can last for a few months. The road has plenty of speed cameras and police presence, but there are also many great stops along the way, making this trip ideally experienced with a group of friends.

  • Blackburn to Carnforth via the Forest of Bowland

For the adventurous souls who want to cut through the forest of Bowland on their bikes, the road from Blackburn to Carnforth is one that you would not want to miss. Over 120 kilometres in length, the journey will have a huge number of twisty turns as well as straights. The scenery is breathtaking while there is almost never any traffic or police presence in this area.

Hang out at biker-friendly meeting places

  • Flyde Bike Meet

Flyde Bike Meet is a weekly meeting of bikers in St. Annes that occurs on all Mondays including bank holidays, regardless of the weather. Bikers of all ages come with a large variety of bikes, and a number of nearby cafes stay open to serve refreshments to the visitors. Flyde Bike Meet takes place every Monday evening from 6.30 pm to about 9.30pm.

  • Fort San Antone

For people who want to listen to quality country music from live bands, Fort San Antone is the best place to be. Popular amongst bikers for the informal atmosphere and the many facilities that the place provides, Fort San Antone is the perfect place to enjoy good music and meet interesting people.

  • Alison Arms

Situated in Chorley, Lancashire, Alison Arms is traditional English pub that serves a range of beers. The pub regularly hosts live music and other traditional pub games to maintain the casual and friendly atmosphere, and bikers from far and wide come to relax with their friends.

Stay in some biker-friendly accommodation

  • Ibis Preston North

Located in Preston, just a half an hour’s ride away from Blackburn, The Ibis Preston North is a well-known hotel that offers quality accommodation service. They have an on-site bar and restaurant that serves a variety of foods, as well as free private outdoor parking for bikers. Ibis Preston North is located close to many attractions in the region.

  • High Grange Holiday Cottages and Farmhouse

Situated in Bedale, North Yorkshire, High Grange Holiday Cottages and Farmhouse offers a self-catering service to their visitors. The property is set in the ideal location to explore the surrounding idyllic countryside of North Yorkshire. Bikers frequent the area due to the excellent roads the cut through the landscape.

  • The Buck Inn

The Buck Inn is a traditional English Inn that is located off the B1257 in Bilsdale, North Yorkshire. They offer a choice of high quality beers and real ales, a beer garden for camping, breakfast, lunch and dinner specials and a view of the stunning countryside. The Buck Inn also offers secure parking, security systems and motorcycle washing facilities which makes it popular amongst travellers frequenting the region.

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