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Sell my motorbike in Bournemouth

Sell my motorbike in Bournemouth

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Bournemouth

Bournemouth beach

Biking roads around Dartmouth

Long loop

CAMRA Pub Guide

Dean park Inn

A guide to riding your motorbike in Bournemouth

With miles upon miles of golden sands and a sparkling sea and a buzzing cosmopolitan town to boot, Bournemouth has everything a tourist can ask for. It has an endless stretch of countryside too, for the adventurous bikers.

If you are in Bournemouth and are planning to sell your bike, make sure you are selling it to a reputed dealer. You do not want to be carting off your bike to someone who won’t give you a good price or a buyer who doesn’t know its sentimental value.

Not only will you be short-changed on your deal, you will also have to live with the knowledge that it was passed off to someone who did not know how to make the most of it. It will end up becoming a drawn out process where you will basically be watching your bike becoming rusted and old over time and that is definitely not a pretty picture.

A guide to riding your motorbike in Bournemouth

Biking roads around Dartmouth

Ask any biker and he will tell you that most of the fun you get from owning a bike comes from riding it on exciting and challenging roads. And Bournemouth has no paucity of great terrain to blaze your trail on. You just need to exercise some care and avoid getting into any trouble. Here are some of the most exciting roads to ride on in and around the area:

1.    A35 Shirley to Bournemouth – If you want to have a little blast on your bike, this is a very nice route. Watch out for the animals when you go through forested area. Keep an eye on the cars making U turns on the road. The road is relatively free from police and it is great for letting your bike rip every once in a while. Use Matcham’s Lane and stay away from the dual carriageway between the Verwood and Christchurch turnings. Although you will not be able to ride very fast, there are a lot of corners, which make it much more fun.

2.    Long loop from Dorset that goes through Bournemouth – This is one of the most exceptional routes in Britain. It has a great selection of bends and is chock full of dramatic scenery. The road from Bridgewater leading to Dunster has a number of double whites and if you can manage to get there early in the morning when the route has no cars, it looks gorgeous.

3.    Zig zag hill loop from Bournemouth to Shaftesbury – This is one of the best driving roads in Britain. It is a part of the B3081 and is situated near Shaftesbury. It is one concentrated bit of Alpine driving. The winding design of the road offers some breathtaking panoramic views and the curviness of the road makes for a leisurely and fun ride. The autumn leaves add a great colour to the road, but make sure you are careful with the hairpin turns. They are leaf-covered, steep and greasy.

Biking roads around Dartmouth

CAMRA Pub Guide

A pub that serves quality brew is the cornerstone of a great pit stop if you are a frequent biker. It lets you unwind the way you deserve and if you like the experience, you can bookmark it for future rides with your biker friends or family. We have gathered a list of some of the most welcoming pubs in Bournemouth that have carved a place for themselves with both the local population and visiting patrons.

1.    The Amberwood Inn – Kick off your biking boots and settle down in the cozy Amberwood Inn, situated just off the A35 in Walkford. The pub is a short ride away from New Forest and the Hampshire/Dorset coastline with its stunning harbours, beaches and breath-taking views of the Isle of Wight and Solent. They have a fantastic selection of real ales and wines. The four taps in the bar have an ever-changing selection of seasonal ales that is a treat any time of the year.

2.    Dean park Inn – With a distinctive tower and frontage, this inn is tucked away among verdant greens. It is just short distance away from both the beach and the town, and is an iconic meeting point for both visitors and locals. It is perfect if you want to make a stop while riding out on the A34. They have a great selection of local brews for the beer connoisseur and extremely cordial staff.

3.    The Horse and Jockey – A favourite haunt of the bikers who pass through the area, this pub has comfortable leather seats and a great selection of ales. It is an ideal option for someone looking to rest their legs and refresh themselves. They have regular concerts in their pub and you can check in with the owners to schedule your stop for an eventful evening. Needless to say they are biker-friendly and a hit with both the locals and the visitors.

CAMRA Pub Guide
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