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Sell my motorbike in Bridgend

Sell my motorbike in Bridgend

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Bridgend

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Biker Hangouts


Motorcycle Clubs (MCCs)

The Bridgend and District British MCC

A guide to riding your motorbike in Bridgend

Bridgend is a place known for a lot of things; The Norman Invasion, The Bridgend Town A.F.C., The Bryntirion Athletic F.C., Music etc. However, were you aware that this little town is also home to several motorcycle enthusiasts? Well, it is.

That’s a great thing if you want to enjoy the biking culture. However, it isn’t so great if you plan to sell your bike here. The enthusiasts over here definitely know a thing or two about bikes.  That’s why you need to be a little extra careful when dealing with them. They can talk you out of your money without you even finding out.

That’s why it would be wise for you to seek out a professional valuation of your bike. That way you can protect yourself from getting scammed. A professional valuation will tell you how much your bike is actually worth. As a result, you can charge prospective buyers with the right price and make sure you get the appropriate returns. So, don’t delay the professional valuation.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the best of what Bridgend offers bikers. There are quite a few MCCs and biker meeting spots here. Have fun and ride safe.

A guide to riding your motorbike in Bridgend

Biker Hangouts

Here is a list of popular biker meeting locations in and around Bridgend. These places are ideal for a night off socialization with fellow bikers and also a great way to find out about the various biker events that are conducted here.

  1. Booths Cafe Bar

The Booths Bar Café is one of the more popular joints at Bridgend. It enjoys a seafront location, which is very calming and enjoyable. There is also plenty of parking space here. The staff is known to be friendly and accommodating. One would find bikers crowding here during the weekends, even in the colder seasons.

  1. The Village Farm Café

If you ever find yourself riding along the M4, then there’s a very good chance you’ll come across the Village Farm café at Pyle in Bridgend. It’s a place that’s hard to miss considering the sheer crowd it draws in, especially bikers. Most of the visitors come here for a cuppa or a sandwich. However, that doesn’t mean their other offerings aren’t up to par. The Village Café is celebrated for its Full English Breakfast.

The café is situated within an industrial estate, which can be accessed by turning away from Junction 37 and moving a mile into the north towards Pyle.

A majority of the café’s customers, apart from the bikers, are locals who actually work at the industrial estate. The café offers a ton of parking space to accommodate all these daily patrons. The fact that this joint is crowded at all times stands testimony to the fact that this is one of the best cafes near Bridgend.

The décor at the café is reminiscent of typical old-school British cafes. Tables are positioned with 4 chairs each. The individual chairs can seem like a relief if you aren’t too fond of benches, which are all too common these days. The tables also have condiments and plastic tablecloths placed over them. There are even a few tables outside for those rare dry days.

The most enjoyable feature, however, is the free WiFi and the best part is the password is displayed in bold lettering for all to see. You don’t have to bother asking the management for it. The staff is quite friendly and helpful. On the whole, it’s a great place to come to, especially after a long ride.

Biker Hangouts

Motorcycle Clubs (MCCs)

  1. The Bridgend and District British MCC

The Bridgend and District British MCC is one that is open to all riders and owners. Anybody is welcome to join as long as they own and ride a British made motorcycle. There are no limits with regard to age of the owner or the bike. If you happen to be someone who has an interest riding/restoring a British Motorcycles, then the club definitely has a special place for you. The other members are always a meet and welcome someone with that kind of passion.

The MCCs Club Nights are fairly informal in nature. Most of the time, members can be seen indulging in discussions, talks, showing videos, and other general activities. Members here are recognized for their expertise in British bikes, which makes them a great source of knowledge and guidance on the matter.

As for events, the MCC conducts a wide range of social gatherings and ride outs. The club also indulges in restoring and fixing bikes, especially the classics. Meetings are held every alternate Tuesday at the Tondu Cricket Club, which is located close to Bridgend.  The meetings begin at 8 PM and at 10 PM. An annual membership of 12 pounds is collected.

Motorcycle Clubs (MCCs)
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