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A guide to riding a motorbike in Bristol

Bristol is a town with a rich motorcycling history. At the turn of the century, brothers Edward and William Douglas began to manufacture motorcycles in Kingswood, near Bristol. By World War I, Douglas was the only name in motorcycle world. The ministry of defence was so impressed that they commissioned the company to make 70,000 bikes for military use, making the factory the biggest manufacturer in the world.

The town has no dearth of passionate and devoted biking enthusiasts. So, if you are planning to sell your bike there, make sure that the buyer understands the value of your offer. Expert dealers will value your bike according to its potential and save you the hassle of haggling with them over price.

The city has its fair share of bike clubs and the surrounding areas have some of the best roads to ride in the south west. Let’s take a look at some of the famous clubs and roads in and around Bristol.

Bike Clubs

People do not join motorcycle clubs just for the sake of joining a club. Every one of them has different prerogatives and philosophies. The people in the club have their own personalities making each chapter unique. From military-based clubs and motorcycle ministries to clubs centred around professions and even big corporations that own bars and restaurants, there are many different groups founded either with the purpose of brotherhood or with the intent of making money. You will easily be able to tell which is which. Let’s take a look at some of the famous motorcycle clubs in Bristol:

  1. Avon Advanced Motorcycle Club – This club is for serious bike enthusiasts of both genders. They ride on a range of bikes, not just Beemers, but naked bikes and sports bikes too. Established in 1973, the club is one of the oldest in the region. Initially, the club focused on training from advanced to instructor standard. Members are encouraged to take advanced training ans pass the advanced test although it is not mandatory. They run a skills development course with theory and practical sessions during the spring. A lot of the members ride all year round. To join the club, you need a license, a motorcycle of 33 bhp or more, and have to have paid the annual subscription.
  1. Bristol and Avon Roadrunners MCC – This motorcycle club based out of Bristol meets every Wednesday evening at the Colosseum, Redcliffe Hill. At around 8: 30 PM. It is more than just a place for bike enthusiasts to get together and enjoy taking part in organised rides. They also do good for charity, from pet runs to disability runs. The members meet at least once every month, but they also support the runs of other clubs in the city.
  1. Bristol Banshees – It is the city’s only female only motorcycle club. If you are a woman who loves the bike scene of the city and are looking for people who share your passion for biking, this is the place to be. With a lot of the biking trips organised at the spur of the moment, it is a great place to explore the roads and forge new friendships. You have to be at least 21 years old to become a member.
  1. Independent MCC – A side patch, unisex motorcycle club based out of Bristol. You have enough rallies, runs and partying taking place on a regular basis. The club recently celebrated their 10th anniversary over a weekend long celebration of live bands, beer, bike shows and tattooists.
  1. The New Voyagers Biker Club UK – The club was founded in 2007 to have bike enthusiasts ride on runs to different locations across the country. After the old club shut down in 2012, the New Voyagers satellite group formed to keep the tradition alive and attend bike related events. They also go camping during the summer to extend the bike runs and have a good time with fellow bikers.
  1. United Bikers MC – This club is based loosely out of Bristol, and they have chapters all around England. The Bristol chapter has regular club runs and parties with bikers from the other areas as well. Their bike show makes money for charities in the local area. Since the advent of the internet, they have organised runs with other United Bikers members across Europe, like Milan and Germany.

Roads that are good to ride

The south-west of England offers plenty of good roads for a ride with some fantastic scenery. Here are some of the best roads for biking:

  1. A3072 from Crediton to Bickleigh – This is a mighty fine stretch of road, with long enough sections to overtake, loads of hills, bends and fine flowing turns. This pleasant bit of twisty tarmac takes you through the Devon countryside with the village of Bickleigh offering a good dose of stunning, idyllic beauty.
  1. A3083 from Helston to Lizard – You can start off in Helston, which is a small market town. Make sure to avoid the busy summers as this is a holiday route and traffic free only in the mornings. You get to dash past the Royal Navy’s Air Station at Culdrose. Right after that, a rural country road starts with a few corners that sneak up on you from around the bends. You can pop down to Mullion Cove halfway down for a slight detour. There are quite a few places that offer you the chance to open up the throttle on your bike. Although this route is good for cruisers and sports bikes, there is something in it for everyone. The harbour has a spectacular view. Once you reach the Lizard, make sure to try out Ann’s famous pasties and take it to the end, where you will find a cafe overlooking the southern most point of the mainland. Get back to Helston and reward yourself with a pint of spingo in the Blue Anchor.
  1. A52/A3030/A357/A350 from Sherborne to Shaftesbury – Leave Sherborne along the A352 and turn left on the A3030 (Sturminster Newton road). The A3030 is a fantastic road with a lot of open, fast corners and some extremely technical corners with inclines and the even the odd hump back corner. Once you turn right at the T-junction at the end of the road, head on towards Sturminster on the A357 and continue on towards Blandford Forum. Once you hit the traffic light, turn to your left and follow the A350 to Shaftesbury. This is a beautiful road and the Stourpaine bends are exciting to navigate. While you are there, make sure to try out Zig Zag hill.

The main wildlife you have to watch out for whilst biking in Bristol is, foxes, badgers and squirrels, it was reported back in 2012 that large paw prints and sightings of an oversized black cat had been seen wandering Binegar in the Mendip hills. Keep any eye out fellow bikers!

Black cat in Bristol

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