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Sell my motorbike in Cambridge

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Advice for bikers riding in Cambridge

If you’re a resident of Cambridge looking to sell your old bike, then make sure you do your research. You may not realize this, but Cambridge has a fairly strong motorcycling culture. In fact, this is one of the few places in the UK where Motorcycle Speedway racing has been enjoyed in the past.

The first such race took place in 1939 at the Greyhound Stadium in Newmarket Road. It was quite an event and the local media was all over it. Although, there have never been official speedway teams from Cambridge, the sport has been quite popular here.

Anyway, the point here is that Cambridge has bike enthusiasts and they know what they are buying. So, make sure you get a professional valuation done for your bike before putting it out in the market.

While you’re doing that, you can still enjoy some biking fun in this University City. There are some great roads for a nice bike ride and there are also several motorcycle clubs (MCCs) you can join.

Popular Biking Routes

If you have some time on your hands, take your bike out to these roads for some fun riding.

  1. A10: Cambridge – Tottenhill: This route is a simple and short stretch that offers a lot of fun. You’ll be coming across some exciting bends and quite a few straight stretches, where you can let the throttle loose for a bit. The road surface is great and you have some pleasant scenery along the way.

There is a moderate amount of traffic on the road. However, you do have some decent visibility and enough wiggle room to make a pass. Do watch out for the occasional police car.

End the ride with a nice snack and tea at C&A Superbikes, while ogling at the collection of the latest superbikes there.  

  1. B1039/Cambridge Road: Chrishall – Barkway: This is another brilliant stretch of road. But, there are a few tricky corners to keep an eye on and the surface conditions are average at best. Also, deer’s can be a menace if you aren’t careful.
  2. B1050: Earith – Cambridge: This is another great route for those weekend rides. However, beware of the roundabouts between Erin and Willlingham. One can get tempted to go too fast and that’s not a good idea. The corners are great and the scenery is pleasant. Police presence is minimal.

Motorcycle Clubs

  1. Cambridge Matchless Motorcycle Club: The Cambridge Matchless Motorcycle Club is basically an off-road, sport motorcycling club. Also, they do not consider themselves to be a MCC in the traditional sense. The club caters exclusively to those interested in off-road biking. They conduct club trials every year. 8 of these trials are open to anyone, while 4 are open to club members only.

Membership is open to all levels of off-road bikers from novice to expert. They also have special youth classes. They are also affiliated to the South Midland Centre of the Auto Cycle Union, which is the country’s governing body as far as motorcycle sports are concerned. As a result, the MCC follows the same rules established by this body.

  1. Cambridge Advanced Motorcyclists: The Cambridge Advanced Motorcyclists are affiliated with the Institute of Advanced Motorists and they carry out classes to help members learn advanced motorcycling. They follow the IAM Advanced test standards, which is sure to make you an expert biker.

The classes can help you enjoy the whole biker experience, while helping you learn to stay safe as well.

But, that’s not all the club does. The club also carries out rallies, social runs, and conducts events such as BBQs and ride-outs.

  1. The Royston & District MCC: As the name suggests, this is a Royston based MCC. It is also quite an old MCC considering that it was established in 1985. The prime aim of the club is to celebrate the whole motorcycling experience.

The MCC conducts meet-ups on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. This happens throughout the year. The club also has its own major event called the RDMCC Show, which is usually held in June.

The club attends several motorcycle shows in UK including the MCN shows, the BMF shows, and several other local motorcycling events. In fact, members even get free tickets for the BMF Shows. Ride-Outs are a staple for the club.

  1. Cambridge University MCC: Well, Cambridge is, after all, known for the University and guess what? They have their own MCC. The club is open to all Cambridge Alumni who love motorcycles and riding. In fact, the club was established all the way back in the 1930s.

However, at present, the club operates with a few exclusive members and conducts meet-ups all over the UK.

There is a common misconception about the wildlife living in Cambridge, most people think the resident raccoons, skunks and foxes only come out at night but as the city is so well lit and food is so freely dumped on the streets, the local wildlife can be seen often in the day, with this in mind keep an eye of for those wildlife hazards.

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