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Sell my motorbike in Chesterfield

Sell my motorbike in Chesterfield

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Chesterfield

The crooked spire

Motorcycling routes around Chesterfield

Beautiful scenery.

Chesterfield to Bakewell

and other routes

A guide to riding your motorbike in Chesterfield

If you are in the Chesterfield area and would like to sell or buy a bike, the local biking community is a great place to start looking. The biking community here is old and their experience covers most models of bikes.

If you are an out of towner, don’t worry. There are shops and centres here that can get you anything you need. They may also be able to help you sell your bike.

So if you are new to this region and would like to get on to motorbiking, Chesterfield is a good place to start. There are a number of resources as far as buying and selling is concerned.

If you are looking for new bikes, for instance, then Chesterfield has you covered with 3 dealerships that cover tourers like Harley Davidson and Triumph as well as motocross bikes from Yamaha and even Kawasaki. Procuring a motorbike from this region is not hard.

Used bikes are also aplenty here. If you are looking to sell off your current bike for an upgrade, there are a number of dealers in the town, or you can get online in one of the local websites, you might just find a gem.

A guide to riding your motorbike in Chesterfield

Motorcycling routes around Chesterfield

Chesterfield is lucky in that the city is surrounded by beautiful scenery. There are a number of routes that we can recommend that range from long over the weekend sort of deals to day trips.

Motorcycling routes around Chesterfield

Chesterfield to Bakewell

This route is scenic, short and challenging, it has a good number of fast bends that can really keep you alert. It is about 13 miles and the traffic is also light, so if you are planning on a half day joyride, then this could be it. Get started early in the day and watch the sunrise on your bike. You may just reach Bakewell in time for breakfast.

After a few hours of lounging, you can get back in time for a late lunch back home. Perfect for a lazy Saturday. The route, however, is known to be accident prone so be careful on the bends. Coppers can be spotted on different spots all over this route, so stick to the speed limits.

Chesterfield to Monk’s Heath

This is a rural road that is loved among the bikers here. It is a 40 mile route that cuts right through the Peak District National Park. It is a plain and simple rural road. In fact, you will have to cross Bakewell and keep on the road through the Park. It is stunning and beautiful, and for the most part, the roads are also well made.

There are a number of uphill straights that are fun in spite of its bumpiness. The police interference on this road seems to be minimal but are often spotted in unmarked blue Volvo estates. Look out for them!

Chesterfield- Matlock- Buxton- Hayfield-  Baslow

A large loop, this one is for experienced bikers. It is a 77 mile route that is perfect for its scenery, but challenging. The corners and bends are near perfect, there is something for everyone, there are even a few bits of mountain roads here. For the most part, it is a ride through the lower side of the National park, move north for a bit and back through the Park all the way back Chesterfield. P

olice presence on the roads are notably heavy, so be cautious. As far as the ride itself is concerned, it is scenic, beautiful and if you are in the region, must be completed. The roads are rural and so expect some clumps of mud or crap to be littered all over them in some bits, but apart from that, there is very little to complain about.

Chesterfield to Blackwell- Buxton- Glossop- Hope valley- Blackwell (High Peak Circular)

You will need to ride to Blackwell first and then get on the High Peak Circular. A route that almost exclusively takes you within the Park. The corners are tight and the roads are smooth. Surprisingly light on Police activity, it is miles of fun.

The Circular itself is about 47 miles, but you will have to get there and back from Blackwell, so that will add up to about 30 miles up and down. The roads are good but getting better.

It will do you good to take it easy the first time around as there are a number of completely blind bends and snakey bits that can catch an unprepared rider off guard.

As always, remember that safety comes first, fun is second place. Be fully suited up, do not overtake large vehicles into blind bends, and never break the law. It’s not about the Police, but more about who you are.

The above mentioned routes are fun over the weekend and can be a regular thing if you and your mates are into serious biking. So check them out if you live or are planning on moving to the Chesterfield region.

Chesterfield to Bakewell
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