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Sell my motorbike in Edinburgh

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Our guide for bikers in Edinburgh

Being Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh is a place with a lot to offer locals and travelers. The populous city is well known for its cultural heritage and historical attractions, as well as for being a great place to learn literature, law and the sciences. Being the second most populated city in Scotland, Edinburgh is home to large groups of motorcycle enthusiasts. So, if you find yourself wanting to sell your bike in Scotland, Edinburgh is one of the best places you can try.

A professional valuation of your motorcycle will give you an accurate idea of how valuable your machine is. This gives you an advantage when selling your bike, as you know exactly how much a buyer will need to offer. Edinburgh offers many opportunities for motorcycle owners to enjoy their vehicles, and the following activities will give you the opportunity to develop your biking skills. It may also help you meet the right buyer for your beloved motorcycle!

Go on a road trip

  • Currie-Abington-Blantyre-Lanark-Currie Roundabout

For people who want to explore the central belt of UK, the roundabout trip starting from the outskirts of Edinburgh is the perfect opportunity. Start at Currie and take the A702 to Abington, then through Muikkirk, Blantyre, and Lanark, until you get back to Currie again. The total distance comes up to more than 200 kilometers and there are many corners along the way. But the scenic route and exciting straights makes this a great weekend trip.

  • Edinburgh to Bellshill via Galashiels

The trip from Edinburgh to Bellshill can be done via a much shorter route, but you will miss everything that the Clyde valley has to offer, unless you go through Galashiels. The trip that stretches on for almost 225 kilometers will take you through the A7 and the A72 before you connect to A743. There are relatively fewer straights and scenic spots in this trip than the previous one, so it is aimed more towards the people who want to experience the bike.

  • Riccarton to Morningside on the A71

The 40 kilometer trip from Riccarton to Morningside might seem tame compared to the previous two entries on the list, but it is not less enjoyable. Although this is one single road, it presents far more corners than straights and barely any police presence, making this route a great ride for casual motorcycle enthusiasts who want to improve their skill as a biker. This route truly is a fun ride and it has been compared to the cat and fiddle between Macclesfield and Buxton.

Stay at a biker friendly accommodation

  • Aaron Lodge Guest House

Located off 128 Old Dalkeith Road in Edinburgh, Aaron Lodge Guest House is easily accessible from the A7 and the A68. They offer a friendly and informal atmosphere to their visitors. They provide a variety of excellent food from their own a la carte restaurant, and plenty of luxurious facilities for weary travelers.

  • The Leadburn Inn

The Leadburn Inn is situated off Peebles Road near Penicuik in Midlothian. It is known amongst bikers for providing a cozy environment that everyone enjoys. They offer a comprehensive variety of food and drink and event host a Bike Night on the first Thursday of every month where they welcome motorcycle enthusiasts from all around the country.

  • The Stair Arms Hotel

Situated in Pathead, Midlothian, The Stair Arms Hotel is a great place for bikers to stop and relax. They have a simple restaurant that serves high quality homemade food and drinks to people seated in the outdoor garden area during the summers. The Stair Arms Hotel is also open to catering for individual events including Biker Rallies!

Meet like-minded people in popular Biker meeting spots

  • The Kings Arms

The Kings Arms is personally run by a biker and a capable staff that will make sure you are comfortable at all times. Situated in Kirkcudbrightshire, Galloway, The Kings Arms has been providing excellent food and drinks to guests since more than 200 years. The inn is a great place to stop when exploring the picturesque surrounding region.

  • The Wee Puffin

The Wee Puffin is an inn located off 15 High Street in Grantown-on-Spey, Moray and it is run by a couple who are bikers themselves. They offer a wide variety in their menu including Scottish specialties like Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. The staff ensures that a warm and relaxed atmosphere is maintained within the inn at all times.

  • The Bikers Cove

The Bikers Cove is a cafe situated in South Queensferry, and it is run by bikers. They are known for their hospitality towards bikers and non-bikers alike. It is a very popular meeting spot for bikers in the region, who gather on the outside space and enjoy good food and company. They even organize a varied array of biker events including fund-raising and concerts.

When looking for a buyer for your bike, visiting these places will give you the opportunity to meet people who share your passion; so that you know that your motorcycle is in good hands. And when traveling, remember to always keep safety as your priority so that you can enjoy the experience!

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