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Sell my motorbike in Harlow

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Advice for bikers riding in Harlow

Located toward the west of Essex in England, Harlow is a rather new town. It sits on the left bank of Stort Valley. The town has its own thriving leisure and commercial economy, mostly since it is a part of the commuter belt in London. The borough of Harlow has less than 100,000 people with England’s third-highest social housing proportion.

Harlow has experiences several degrees of expansion since it became a new town. One of the major developments in the borough was the construction of a northern and southern bypass of the area, which significantly expanded the town to the east and then toward the north. The real estate of the town was completely redeveloped, bringing in more residents every year. The borough also houses large companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Raytheon. It also features several educational institutes as well as offers a wide culture of arts, theater, museums, sport, and nature reserves.

Harlow is known as a haven for motorcyclists. The roads of the borough are smooth and contain just the right kind of bends for you to enjoy swerving through the picturesque town. If you are looking to sell your bike in Harlow, you will need to locate the right buyer for your mean machine. Harlow houses a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts. Locate the local routes these bikers travel on so you can meet and interact with them. They will be able to provide you with the best suggestions regarding selling your vehicle. Also identify their local hangouts. Join a motorcycle group and spread the word that your bike is on sale. A decent buyer is bound to turn up.

A biker’s favorite routes in Harlow

When you join a club or locate the popular local routes, you will definitely meet a lot of bikers who can help you sell your bike. One of their favorite local routes is from Harlow to Chelmsford. Several bikers use the A1060 route as a benchmark. It goes from Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire to Chelmsford and houses several challenging bends. Bikers enjoy this route because of the bends and the scenery, which make it perfect for an outing. You also have a lot of side roads and farm tracks since it is away from the city. Some of these tracks can be tricky, so it is recommended you be very cautious.

Another popular route is the 1,700-mile ride from Dover to the Shetland Islands. It goes along the east coast of England and Scotland. This route cuts right through Harlow and many bikers stop at the borough for the night as the ride can take a few days. Keep your eyes peeled for the next set of bikers riding through Harlow on their way to the Shetland Islands. It is known to be a very enjoyable route with a mixture of on-road and tarmac and compacted surfaces.

A wise choice would be to join them on this adventure. Most of this route is traffic-free, so you can enjoy the thrill of riding by the coast without any distractions. Be careful on compacted surfaces as they can be slippery. Take in the amazing coastal scenery and the uninhibited riding experience. Do not forget to check out the nature reserve in Kent and the Norfolk Broads wetlands.

Motorcycle clubs in Harlow

The borough of Harlow houses several motorcycle clubs which you can join and meet other bikers who can help you sell your bike. Some of these bikers could be interested in buying your bike themselves. One of the most popular biking clubs is the Outlaws MC Essex. This club also has chapters in Scotland, England, Ireland, and Wales. The clubs welcomes members from everywhere.

Another clubs is the Rough Creed Motorcycle Club. This club is mostly located in Essex although they travel around quite a bit as they claim to be a non-territorial motorcycle club. The club welcomes people from anywhere who prefer the biker lifestyle and are like-minded. This is an all-male club and has members of all ages.

The Harlow 70s Motorcycle Club is located in the borough and welcomes all bikers. They meet every Sunday between 7 pm and 9 pm at Club Hut in Harlow.

Harlow has a live music venue called The Square which hosts the Harlow Bike Night every Thursday from 7:30 pm. Join Harlow’s bikers for a fun night of booze, pool, barbeque, and music. All bikers, from scooters to sports bikes to choppers, are welcome to the event. There are also some biker friendly cafés in and around Harlow that you should visit if you would like to meet local bikers. The Bungalow Café in Colchester, Essex, is known for its non-fried food and puddings. It is located right next to a garage, so it has become a popular hangout joint for bikers.

Colchester also has Danny’s Food Bar, a mobile food van selling kangaroo burgers and other kinds of spicy food. The Great Bentley, also in Colchester, hosts the Motorcycle Meet every Wednesday evening. D’s Café Diner in Chelmsford is also a great place for you to meet local bikers. Spend some time locating the right places for you to meet and interact with bikers in Harlow who could help you sell your bike.

Things to watch out for on a bike! Harlow has a large dog population, there is a grey hound racing stadium which in turn has driven the residents to either love or hate dogs, this has resulted in the odd wild dog, keep an eye out for these furry fellas whilst your biking around. #ridesafe

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