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Sell my motorbike in Harrogate

Sell my motorbike in Harrogate

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Harrogate

St. George's Road

Best motorbiking roads in and around Harrogate

Bendy roads

CAMRA Pub Guide


A guide to riding your motorbike in Harrogate

With its verdant gardens and beautiful historic buildings, Harrogate is one of the most elegant cities in Yorkshire. It is also a great place for bikers and has fantastic roads connecting the city to nearby areas. Needless to say, it draws a bike loving crowd making it a perfect place if you are looking to sell your bike. However, before you blindly thrust your bike to someone in exchange for cash, make sure that your service receipts and other documentations are in order so that you have a good idea of the depreciation. You do not want to be shortchanged and a little bit of preparation on your part will ensure that you do not get the wrong end of the stick. If you want to go on one last ride before you prepare your bike for sale, here are some roads you should definitely go for a ride on.

A guide to riding your motorbike in Harrogate

Best motorbiking roads in and around Harrogate

1.    A166/165/171/170/61 from Harrogate through Bridlington and Whitby and return – This is a weekend trip that would be perfect in almost any kind of weather. It starts and ends in Harrogate and has a stop off at Filey at a beautiful beach cafe. The stretch from Stamford to Brid and Scarborough to pickering is especially fantastic to ride as there is a sudden change of landscape apart from the excellent twists and turns that will keep even the most veteran bikers surprised. The best part about the route though is that you get to go all the way around without having to go back on the same route.
2.    Harrogate to Scotland – This is a one-of-a-kind road in almost all of England. It is great for weekend trips with camping as it passes through two national parks including the Yorkshire Dales National Park and Lake District National Park. It has fantastic twists and turns and some really sharp bends that surprise you from time to time. The scenery is unbeatable and there are long stretches where you just feel like getting off your bike and taking it all in. Once you cross the Kielder Forest Park and get to Scotland, it only gets better.
3.    Harrogate to Darley (Darley Road) – The road starts off with an excellent weave between hedges without any pesky farm entrances. If it has rained recently, be a little careful as you might encounter streams in the hilly sections. Once you get out of Birstwith, the roads are vast and sweeping. Keep a watch on the side roads as you might occasionally encounter gravel on them. Turn right at the junction at Hampsthwaite and follow the road. Once you reach the end of the road, you can go over to Darley and towards the Patley bridge which also has some fantastic roads.  

Best motorbiking roads in and around Harrogate

CAMRA Pub Guide

1.    HG1 – Although this is the bar of the Yorkshire Hotel, it is separated from the main building with its entrance in John St. The place is essentially a bid square shaped room with a counter situated against the back wall. The Brasserie is also separated from the actual bar by glass doors and a back wall. From sofas in a booth to high stools and tables to the more conventional chairs and tables, they have plenty of seating arrangements. They have two big screens at the opposite ends of the room and plenty of outside seating space too. Their regular beer is the Copper Dragon Best Bitter which is a local favorite.
2.    Blues Cafe Bar – This is a small one-room bar that is located in the city center and overlooks the lush and green Montpellier Gardens. They have 4 rotating beers and as the name suggests, live music throughout the week. They have at least two sessions on Sundays and the place is extremely popular with the local crowd as well as music lovers from in and around the area. Modeled after an Amsterdam bar cafe, the place has been going strong for more than 20 years.
3.    Pitcher and Piano – This is a long and narrow unit in a block with other drink and food outlets. It has a counter against one full side of the bar and has a lot of high stools and tables on the other side. There are some cleverly placed mirrors that make the place seem brighter and larger than it is. Food is excellent and so is the service. The regular beers on their menu include Marston’s Pedigree and Jenning’s Bitter.
4.    Fat Badger – This is a one-room pub that was opened in a part of the White Hart Hotel. It has a bug bar area with ornate, high quality finishing throughout the place. The floor levels are raised around the edges and inter spaced with glazed screens along the side of the wall, which give it an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. They also have a large patio area outside, which is partly covered and is open throughout the year for drinking as well as dining. They have a beer club once a month, where they pair real ales and quality food. Their regular beers include Copper Dragon Golden Pippin, Black Sheep Best bitter, Timothy Taylor Landlord and Tetley Bitter. They also have two changing beers. If you are planning to ride out to his place, the beer club day would be the best time to go.

CAMRA Pub Guide
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