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Advice for bikers riding in Leeds

Bikers appreciate their passion more than most because there is an instinctual understanding of the inherent danger that accompanies the thrill that they may not be around for the next test drive. Part of the buzz is the risk which motorcycling purists put themselves in each time they take that corner at breakneck speed for a chance at a better lap time. Even the biking casuals place themselves in harm’s way, statistically speaking, for the joy of the ride.

So then, it is that much more important to make the most of the ride, now. As it is with everything in life, for that matter. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some great club options in the Leeds area, along with options for track meets, and other useful pieces of information. Without further ado, the Leeds starter guide to biking starts here.

Leeds Custom and Classic Bike Weekend

Generally taking place in the early autumn, this annual showcase and gathering for all things motorbikes related is now going on its 11th year. Planned at the 6-Acres Pub for only £15 in advance or £20 at the door, this event has it all: wonderful music, custom bikes and scooter showcases, hot rods, real ales and beers on tap, a tattoo artist, a competition for the strongest man, trade stands with tons of merchandise and accessories, fireworks, and even camping free of charge for those that travelled to get there.

For tickets or enquiries for merchandising, check out their facebook page.

Clubs in the Region

Clubs are the social heartbeat of bikers who like to bond over their passion. While this is not as big of a metropolitan area as the capital, there are still options for those that are interested in partaking in the local culture of biking with their comrades. Long wheel based bike

East Leeds Lions

The East Leeds Lions is an all-inclusive club whose main event is an Easter Rally. Formed in 1998, its inception began as you might expect: people wanted to bond over their mutual love of biking. Now sporting over 100 members, this thriving club invites partakers of all ages and backgrounds to join them on biking ventures into the likes of other European countries like France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and Ireland. That is all in addition to domestic rides, plus meetups during the winter to keep folks entertained and in community with one another.

Among other causes, this group seeks to raise charity well into the thousands of pounds for organisations like Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service, Macmillian Cancer Support, the National Association for Bikers with Disability and the Royal British Legion. East Leeds Lions is affiliated with Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) in a joint effort to raise the combined voices of cyclists in the UK and Europe to demand rights to buy and ride freely motorbikes of their choosing without unnecessary bureaucracy and legislation.

The main annual event is the big East Leeds Lions Easter Rally, this year taking place at Squires Café Bar with expected attendance well into the thousands as it has been in the past. There is always a disco and bar area, as well as a foam cannon with food as well as legitimate beer, lager, and cider options. Camping is also possible by arrangement beforehand. If you find yourself in the North Sherburn-in-Elmet area, be sure to join the 1,000 plus crowd that find this a worthwhile visit.

Speeding Camera Locations

We all like to rev up the throttle and let her rip, but unless you want to be paying for a mountain of fines, pay attention to the law, especially where there are speed traps. Specifically in the general Leeds area around the West Yorkshire Motorway, stay aware on the A1/M1 link road, the M62 (particularly between junctions 26 and 28), the Bradford-area M606, and the Wakefield M1 (especially between junctions 39 and 41).

Connect Online

Whether you are trying to sell your bike or just get in touch with people who share the same passion you do online, there are some great resources you would be mad not to check out. We want your Motorbike has a nifty valuation tool in case you are looking to either buy or sell, and while you are there, check out tips for selling your motorbike so you know what to expect. If you’re like myself who was once looking to sell my motorbike in Leeds, it’s invaluable.

The biker forum known as The Rev Counter which is based in the UK is great for finding or selling parts, getting more in depth with the nuances of motor biking, showing off pics of your bike, or for finding and even forming local clubs.

Finally, a more comprehensive, less local resource would be /r/motorcycles, a subreddit on the popular forum Reddit devoted to all things motorbikes. Whether it’s particular models you want to investigate or discuss, or you want to peep what other bikes people are sporting, check out the site.

Leeds School of Motorcycling

For the uninitiated or the curious, there is a motorcycling school where you can hone your skills under the safe watch of an instructor. No matter the type of bike or scooter, the instruction recognises that people may crave the freedom a bike has to offer, but do not necessarily have access to a way to safely learn the mechanics of it all. Here, you will find access to a fleet of bikes that range from 50cc to 500cc available weeklong under an experienced tutor, so it is an all-inclusive experience.

Nearby Tracks

Leeds Raceway located off of Lennorton Lane is a popular venue for race drivers and bikers alike. It describes itself as fun and challenging, and there are a number of ways to book a test drive there. Alternatively, Tong rally is more of an off-road experience with a ‘forest gravel stage rally circuit.’ If ‘hairpen bends, rapid straights and long flowing corners’ are more your speed, then take a look here.

Other Stuff

Have fun while you are out on the road, and as usual, beware of deer, bees, manholes, and every other manner of motorcycle hazard. One in particular to pay attention to, especially if you fancy a good camping trip, is the large and highly poisonous Brazilian Wandering Spider which has been spotted recently in the area. Other than that, live freely on the road!

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