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Advice for bikers riding in Liverpool

You and your bike form a bond on the road, equal parts romantic and classic. In the words of Robert M. Pirsig in the now classic Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, ‘Although motorcycle riding is romantic, motorcycle maintenance is purely classic.’ Riders understand this instinctively, which is why people who love their motorbikes consider it more than just a hobby.

For many, this lifestyle is more than merely a mode of transportation, just another vehicle in the family stable. It is a way of being because there simply is no other substitution for that feeling of rubber gripping the road. Others enjoy it as a diversion and look for outlets to express that, whether socially or just the occasional track meet.

With that in mind, what are some of the hottest events around the Liverpool area to get acquainted with? What about some of the local clubs, pubs, and other info to be aware of as a biker? This guide takes you through all of the things for bikers that are worth getting excited about, so read on!

Hitting the Tracks

Oulton Park is close enough between Liverpool and Manchester as to be accessible to both cities, so make sure to check your dates on for track rental information, or championship races if you are into biking as a spectator sport. Do not forget to check out what is sure to be an exciting set of races at the MCE Insurance British Superbike Championships starting the 30th of April until the 2nd of May.

Aintree Motorcycle Racing Club also has a track with entrance as low as £10 with racing action all throughout the day. Located at Aintree Race course in North Liverpool, this track features classic solos, superbikes, forgotten era, unlimited classic solos, and power bikes among other types of races. With a circuit of just over one and a half miles long, look for events to be showcased here starting in May and lasting all the way until September of this calendar year.

Joining a Club

For many the social aspect of motorbiking within the context of a club is the lifeblood of how they enjoy their hobby. While some are more ‘diehard’ than others you are sure to find something that fits your groove where you can enjoy yourself in the company of other bikers.

Last Bastion MC Liverpool

Billing themselves as a ‘traditional independent motorcycle club with old school values,’ this Liverpool-based group has ridden together for a number of years since 2008 in another club in Wolverhapton. In 2012, a group decided to branch off and call themselves ‘the Last Bastion Brotherhood.’ Now an official support club to 81 ‘Liverpool Charter,’ they share a clubhouse with the said organisation, and are now operating under the moniker Last Bastion MC.

History aside, if you are into a motorcycle club that has a shared history in the armed forces, perhaps you will find yourself at home. That’s because the majority of members of Last Bastion have seen time in the service, whether that is Regular, Territorial, Reservist, or non-armed forces. In that vein, they support causes like raising money for Combat Stress and SAFFA in past years, and will continue to do the same for varying service-related charities. This money is raised through events like the upcoming ‘Bull Dog Bash’ and free ‘Family Yard Parties.’

Taking your Passion Online

Short of meeting up in person with fellow motor heads, one of the best ways to get advice, show off your chopper, or just revel in the mechanical talk is through online forums. A great non-location based forum for motorcycle talk is the subreddit over at /r/motorcyles. This sports everything from bike specific information so you can troubleshoot that nagging problem with your Hayabusa, to impressions of certain bikes after a test drive, to of course bike-related humour and memes. Reddit is a popular social media platform, so you are sure to reach a wide audience with whatever motorcycle content you wish to post.

Alternatively, for a more local flavour, check out UK biker forum The Rev Counter for talking about the nuances of the hobby, getting advice for parts, or finding local clubs to become a part of. Or, if you prefer, just showing off your chopper, whatever suits your fancy.

Finally, if you are looking for practical advice or if you’re like myself who was eager to upgrade and sell my motorbike in Liverpool last year, We want your Motorbike has a handy valuation tool that lets you know what price you should be offering or posting if buying or selling a bike. Further tips for selling your motorbike can be found on there as well.

Watering Hole Suggestions

For after a long ride when you want to just sit back and chat with your riding mates, nothing beats a nice cool-to-room-temperature beer at a relaxing bar with good conversation. Here are some suggestions for places to hit up.

Ship & Mitre

A centrally located bar, come here for either lunch or dinner, but do not forget to try their selection of microbrews. You cannot miss the 1930s Art Deco building as you go through the Queensway tunnel and Churchill Way. For real cider and a range of everything from stouts to ales, plus other world beers, give this one a try (and don’t forget the CAMRA discount)! And, most importantly, there’s plenty of parking for bikes nearby.

The Swan Inn

A winner of many CAMRA awards, The Swan Inn is a rock/biker/metal style bar that has three floors, two of which have bar facilities. There are two jukeboxes loaded with rock and heavy metal style music and the selection of bottles and pump ales and lagers is vast. And, as told on Yelp, there’s plenty of street space for parking and the best nights to visit are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Biking in Liverpool

One thing all bikers hate is getting caught speeding. If you are ever on M62, A59 Rice Lane, A59 Juvenile Street, A561 Aigburth Road, Crosby Road North, A5049 West Derby Road, Leeds Street, Park Road, Scotland Road, or Queens Drive, be mindful of the speed limits ranging from 20-30 miles per hour. These are all reported to have speed traps, so tempted as you might be to rev up the engine and let her rip, think about the costs of doing so.

Overall, biking in Liverpool is a blast with two tracks nearby for all your fixes, plus clubs to join in. So, what are you waiting for?

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